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The purpose of R+L=J?

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It sets up tension between our two main protagonists.

In the books, I think it will matter more. The battle of Winterfell will likely play out a lot differently and I expect the dragons will be central to destroying the threat of the Others. I certainly don't expect killing one Chief Other will end the battle as it did in the show. We therefore need another dragon rider, maybe even a third as I'm still not convinced that Viserion will become a zombie-dragon in the books.

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18 hours ago, Ser Uncle P said:

R&L=J is opportunity to subvert the "hidden heir" trope. 

Instead of inheriting the Throne, the rightful heir is exiled as a murderer and oath breaker.  

On paper it's a nice twist...

I think so too...

I agree that it's super sad how the show lead things there. And I regret this point made that a "bastard is to always remain a bastard".

But I feel like it makes a bigger point on dynasties and how they should not matter. It is a nice twist on paper. Not super well handled, unfortunately...

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