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Free Northman Reborn

Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

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On 9/6/2019 at 12:36 PM, Rose of Red Lake said:

True but I just got lectured by someone else about how the biggest detractor will be Val...so it seems like everyone wants X character to have this coveted role except Sansa. I think Cersei, could play a role too, otherwise, what was the reason GRRM wanted to have Dany/Cersei in parallel chapters. In fact all of the women seeing through Dany's bullshit on various levels would be amusing. Sansa does have a reason to resist Dany because her storyline is about her autonomy and not trusting anyone except her family, including queens who could have power over her.  

Val? That's...indescribably odd but okay.

Sansa is okay too. I can totally see Sansa completely distrusting, being bewildered by and/or being disgusted with Daenerys. Sansa is smart and knows her history: the similarities between the trauma experienced by the Targaryens and the Starks are not going to be lost on her. So, after everything they've been through, why would Daenerys wage a massively destructive war at the worst possible time on her nephew? That's not going rub Sansa the right way, especially she'll be trying so hard to reconcile with Jon and Arya...

On 9/16/2019 at 3:23 PM, BalerionTheCat said:

But too late for poor Kraznys.:D
Was not in his rules of commerce. But the others learnt the new rule: betrayal is fair game with Dany.

Many of her visions already happened. Other could well happen: the cloth dragon, the naked crones...

Her vision of kings with eyes of opal, amethyst, tourmaline and jade is strangely meeting the god emperors of Yi-Ti: Pearl, Jade, Tourmaline, Onyx, Topaz, Opal, Amethyst.

Maybe it's turning her mad. Maybe some level of madness is necessary for the visions. But IMO they generally mean something.

I think the Targaryen madness is actually linked to magic. House Targaryen is a magical bloodline with a few members of that family having actual magic powers.

In fact, I'm not so sure that every example of Targaryen madness is actual madness or mental illness. I think it boils down to actual magic powers, public misconception or both.

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For the record, I don't think Aegon is really Daenerys' nephew nor do I think that Daenerys will actually be the one to kill Aegon. I think Aegon's true nature will be revealed in due time. I also think that Euron (with Cersei's assistance) will kill Aegon and take the Iron Throne while everyone else isn't looking.

So that's not a problem.

The problem Dany is going to run into is that MOST people will think that Aegon really was her nephew and that she terrorized an entire continent in the dead of winter in her attempts to kill and usurp him. An unofficial kinslayer...

Dany's chief problem everywhere she goes is that she is misunderstood and her actions are ill-perceived. She is either underestimated or overestimated. There are several benefits to being underestimated/overestimated wherever you go but I think GRRM is trying to show us both sides of the coin. The pros of being frequently underestimated/overestimated and the cons...

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I've no doubt that Daenerys' reputation will be terrible by the time she reaches Westeros.  Murderer of her brother and husband;. Instigator of slave revolts and religious conflict in the East (people may disapprove of slavery, but nobles will sympathise with Eastern nobles who flee across the Narrow Sea).  Her sex life is already being used to trash her reputation in ADWD.  She will indeed be viewed as a whore.  And, she'll be leading an army of Dothraki, Unsullied, Ironborn, and sellswords.

So, I think the show got right just how unpopular she will be among the lords and ladies of Westeros.  I'm sure Sansa would be disgusted by her.

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