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Ser Loras The Gay

Killing Bronn

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On 5/23/2019 at 12:00 AM, Runaway Penguin said:

Not if he manages to successfully surf their resentment toward each other (divide and conquer...). Similar to Bran lading the 6K, I can well imagine the Lords of Reach would grudgingly accept new overlord because the alternative would be helping The Other Bugger Who Owes Me Money and Who Fought Against Me 200 Years Ago to take the title.

Lesser houses also may not be too happy with the big houses and that is another thing Bronn could successfully leverage. More than one ruler in the history survived because while everyone hated him, they hated their peers even more ;)

I agree with you that the Reach bigwigs might hate each other more than they discriminate against Bronn. However, we ought to keep in mind that Bronn was part of the force that killed Olenna Redwyne, so I don't see how House Redwyne would tolerate it. Moreover, the bigwigs were already seething when House Tyrell got the Reach as they were only stewards to House Gardner. So realpolitik aside, lineage and nobility does still matter and Bronn is not even a minor noblemen. 

On 5/23/2019 at 2:19 AM, The Baelish Mockingbird said:

Yeah, a better position would have been to make him a Master of Law. He was already the head of the City Watch previously and was successful enough so he has experience in the role and less people would scoff at the idea as opposed to Master of Coin.

I agree, moreover, there was a scene between Bronn and Tyrion where Bronn said he did not understand the concept of borrowing money (i.e. considers running away or default ok options). This attitude could land him in trouble during inevitable future negotiations with the Iron Bank.

On 5/21/2019 at 2:40 AM, Ser Loras The Gay said:

Bronn becoming the lord of HighGarden and master of coin instead of being killed in the spot was the worst thing in this episode. Tyrion should have him killed and not give him a position in the small council. Bronn is smart but C'MON who is this guy? No one know him, people in the reach is fine with this decision? Wtf my dude.

Tyrion always had a soft spot for Bronn, they share the same tastes. So I always knew he was going to reward Bronn and keep him as his right hand man. But to have a sellsword suddenly commanding prices such as Riverrun (Cersei's offer) and Highgarden is just ridiculous. 

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