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I'd expect her to be a daughter of one of Bennard Stark's three sons, i.e. a first cousin once removed of Cregan's. But that's just conjecture.

But I think we can safely say that she is not Bennard's daughter because that would make her more or less a woman of Cregan's own generation, meaning she would have been already married by the time Cregan took his third wife and/or she might no longer be fertile by the time Black Aly Blackwood died.

Thus we can safely say she would have been a young woman - a teenager, say, or in her early twenties when she married Cregan. That's also supported by the fact that she produced five children.

The chance that Bennard produce another child after Cregan freed him from his dungeons - if that ever happened - is not particularly high in my opinion. If the man got out he was likely forced to take the black. Bennard's sons may have been pardoned eventually, considering that some of them may have been as young or even younger than Cregan himself. Although the fact that they were imprisoned, too, could also imply that they were older at that time.

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