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Could Jorah become a dragonrider?


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So in A Dance with Dragons, the fate of all three of the dragons seems to be at stake. They’re starting mature, they’re almost at the point of entering the story and many players are reacting to this. Obviously Eurons entire plan.

See I think there’s a pattern in ADWD. Dany has three suitors bearing gifts to win her over in the book. Two of them either tried or want to take her dragons. You have Quentyn who offered her Dorne and after first offering him a dragon instead; he tries to steal one. This implies that Rhaegal is large enough to ride BTW. Then, you have Victarion who offers her the Iron Fleet. But, plans to use the Dragonhorn to take one of Danys dragons. Which is totally going to work for him. Which only leaves Jorah, on his little tug boat with an ugly dwarf.

Now, we as the audience know that Jorah actually has the most valuable gift here. But, two of those three suitors have had a crack at taking one of those dragons. Jorah hasn’t came with that intent. However, he did say on ASOS that he would do this and what better way to prove himself than to be accepted by one of her dragons. If they take him back then surely she’ll forgive him? I think he’s mad enough to try.

Narratively I think this makes sense because the fate of the other two dragons is in the balance. They’ve been separated from Dany for a reason. Somebody is going to be riding them. Dany said that it would be her and her dragon riders against the world. This implies she needs to trust those people. Dany, currently, really doesn’t trust Jorah and has not forgiven him. That would create an interesting conflict and piece of drama. Plus, IMO, Jorah has the developed relationship with Dany. I don’t think that would be “easy” for Daenerys. We know he’s never going to betray her, but does Dany?

Plus, it would be quite cool if, after having a slightly rough time in ADWD of it he actually does step up where Vic and Quentyn failed. We have been led to believe that taming and riding dragons is extremely dangerous so it could be a dramatic moment.

As for which dragon. Rhaegal. He’s a green dragon like Mormont colours and if later on there’s a Stark you have a suitably white Viserion.



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