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Jaime the Goldenhand

Suggestions/Scenes to Improve Season 8

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So, I've been enjoying hating on this show for almost 4 seasons now. One thing I like to do is reimagine scenes, scenarios differently given the current state of the show. Now that we know the beginning and end points of all of the characters in season 8, how would you have manuvered them different. What scenes were missing/could be changed for the better?

 I would've liked it to be hinted at that Dany Warged into Drogon at the end. It would've been nice to see her give up on her dream for the iron throne after even her lover turns on her. I would've like to imagine Dany regretting her actions. I think the transition could've been done with clever camera movements between Danny's eyes closing and Drogon's opening. Dany's last word could be Drogon, mirroring Jon. In dragon form, she decides not to kill Jon, showing that she understands why he had to kill her. She burns the Iron Throne, showing her renunciation of the desire that drove her to madness and flies off to the Dothraki sea to live out the rest of her life underneath her Sun and Stars. It would've been so beautiful to know that Dany was living out a life with power, but choosing peace. That could've been really beautiful to get a shot of her flying over the long grass with a wild white horse, reminscent of the one she recieved from Drogo, galloping along underneath her. Free and redeemed.

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