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Mariano Goberna

[Spoilers] "Everything was for nothing"

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Hello! I'm a huge GOT fan like all of you. This is my first post ever but I have been reading this forum and reddit for a long time, and enjoyed every minute. I truly loved the ride and I'm sad its over.

I want to share something, since the answer of the question "why didn't you like the finale?" is "everything was for nothing" to me. And then another question drops: "how would you end the show?"

So this is kind of a catharsis to me, one that maybe many of you need. It is meant to give meaning to some narrative constructions that ended in nothing, like Jon's true origin. I hope that you enjoy reading it as I did writing it, its not very long, it is summarized and isn't about details but events in general. Since English isn't my first language, I'll accept gladly every little criticism and feel free to do them (even grammatical ones, please), and I'd love, of course, some feedback. Thanks a lot for reading!

I would redo the last season from the ending of episode 3 (before Arya's sneak attack) and it goes like this:

The Night King (NK) stands before Bran just after killing Theon. They look at each other, NK touches Bran, who rolls his eyes back and a flashback begins.

We see a plains, green grass, spring time. Bran is standing in his two feet, and NK is next to him. But not the white walker, the flesh and bone actor, the human. They're looking at a joyful scene. Its Ned Stark (Sean Bean himself!) enjoying the wilds with his sons and daughters. They are very little, Bran is like 4 or 5 and the others not much older than teenagers, and they are asking their father about the origins of their names. He says he named Rickon after his own father, Arya after an old aunt, and Bran after his brother. But he says Brandon is a name with a lot of history within his family, including Brandon the builder, the Stark that built the wall that protects the realms of men. NK aproaches Ned and touches him. Ned feels the wind getting stronger and an incomprehensible cold running through his body. He nows understand his family motto and whispers to himself: "Winter is comming".

We see the build of the wall, the first men, the first houses. NK starts looking into the memories of man after man trying to find himself. He finally does. He discovers he was one of the first Targaryens (that's why he didn't burn and know how to ride a dragon), obssesed with fire, that burned every innocent creature in the ancient Westeros. The children of the forest captured him, and placed a curse on him. Not only he will be the most dangerous threat to mankind, but he will bring cold and ice, ironically.

Outside the flashback. Winterfell is defeated. Rhaegal gets killed by the dragon wight and Daenerys takes a heavily wounded Jon Snow with Drogon and flees south. Jaime gets killed making sure many can escape, including Brienne, Tyrion, Sansa. Others do the same sacrifice, like Dondarrion, Melissandre and Jorah.

Daenerys arrives to King's Landing looking for aid for Jon. She get's captured by Cersei, and Drogon is chained.

Inside the flashback, NK learns where the power of the realms lies, the iron throne. He uses Bran to command his armies south to King's Landing. And starts looking in the memories for the tragic destiny of his family, especially the last Targaryen king, Aerys, aka The Mad King. Bran only watches, he's impartial, he's the three eye raven that contemplate the ways of the world wathever they are.

Outside, Cersei finds out about his brother is dead and cries. A horde of Dothraki and Unsullied wights are beginning to aproach the city, the long night has finally reached to King's landing.

Cersei watchess helpless how thousans of citizens get murderer by the dead army. The scorpions do nothing to the dragon wight as it easily destroys the walls of the city and every building it passes through. She has no choice, she let Daenerys free and say to her "burn them all".

Daenerys goes to see Jon, he's unconscious. She tells him with tears in her eyes that he's the one that was meant to rule, she kiss him goodbye and take his sword, Longclaw, with her. She mount Drogon and start flying high, very high, so high that she's almost out of sight. Cersei gets mad and shouts at her, "What are you doing? burn them all! burn them all! burn them all!".

Inside the flashback, NK is watching the last hours of Aerys. Bran is trying to see the present, but he struggles. He needs to make a choice, let things be or get involved and change them. He remembers that he's a Brandon, a name of pride within his family. Aerys is yelling "burn them all!" as if he's telling her little daughter to do so from the past.

Cersei cries in consternation, everyone abbandoned or betrayed her. But then she sees Jaime aproaching her. She can't believe it, "how can it be? how can it be?" it doesn't matter. Jaime doesn't say a word. She hugs him like never before, she wants to be safe. Suddenly, she notice that he has a right hand, and is stabbing her in the chest with the valyrian dagger. She can't believe it, she realise she has lost it, absolutely mad. After all she's been shouting "burn them all!" like hell. She pass away with the expression of a Mad Queen. Arya doesn't take her mask out until Cersei is completely dead.

Daenerys is flying above the dragon wight. She sees all the Dothraki and Unsulled wights murdering everyone. She has lost everything. With her last breath, she draws Longclaw, whispers "Dracarys" to Drogon and jumps. She lands on the back of the dragon wight and stab it with the valyrian steel, killing it. Then she falls from a high distance while Drogon starts burning the dead army.

A young Jaime Lannister aproaches Aerys from the back in the iron throne room. NK watches closely. Bran knows what is going to happen, he had seen it before. However, he takes a better look at Jamie's face now. He's upset and sad, he knows that he has to do this even if the dishonour will follow him forever. Bran finally get's it. He says outloud "the things we do for love" and pushes NK right in the middle of Jaime's sword and the back of Aerys just before Jaime delivers his strike. The sword kills both of the Kings. The Kingslayer title of Jaime resignifies without him ever knowing.

The war is over. Jon wokes up after a few days. He's named King.

Every lord of Westeros assist to Daenerys funneral. Drogon stays at her side, grieving for her. Before she's buried, everyone stand up and Missandei says: "Here lies Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons”.

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