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Will Dany Resurrect?

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On 5/28/2019 at 12:23 AM, CrypticWeirwood said:

Nothing changes plot-wise if Dany's cooling corpse had been left where it lay.

Nor, apparently,  when spirited away to parts unknown by Drogon.

Therefore this happened for reasons outside the show's plot.


Something needs to happen to account for the large angry uncontrollable dragon in KL.  Having him disappear to take his mother's corpse to some kind of nest like he made in the Dothraki Sea in ADWD closes that loophole and allows for a tender moment showing the bond between Dragon and rider/mother.  I actually thought that part was well done.

As for Dany returning from the grave: lord, who would want that?  Her story is told, most of the characters are dead or their futures sketched out or hinted at, it's definitely the curtain drop.  We had eight seasons, the actors will move on and the show's popularity has led to a number of pilots for prequels but Dany herself is done.

PS Jon Snow read this thread title and said he tripped on a loose tile and forgot he had a dagger in his hand, can we talk about it?

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