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How would you have ended it?

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The endings sort of make sense - my main issue is Jon at the NW again. It's puzzling because Sansa would just pardon him, the Wall no longer serves a purpose, why the wildlings would go further North -- a lot of it is illogical. 

I would have had more Stark scenes and more Lannister scenes. The Starks only have 1 scene together and then 1 at the end! After all this time of waiting them to get back together??

Also, I would have had Cersei and Sansa meet again for the last time--that scene would have been amazing.

Maybe not have Sansa actually apologize to Tyrion about the wedding (wtf??)

I would have had more scenes of Jon actually reacting to his parentage. We know more about how Dany, Tyrion, and Varys feels about it than how Jon himself or his cousin-siblings feel about this MASSIVE news. 

I would have book!Dany's hubris and haughtiness shine through more. Have her mention the blood of the dragon but also make sure audiences know what that means (blood purity and supremacy), have her talk about how they don't get sick (and have her be wrong), have her talk about how she feels like a god high above everyone else (like she thinks in ASOS), have her going on and on about Usurper's dogs.

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