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A Games of Thrones 3D Cinematic

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Hello everyone,

I am a professional 3D Environment Artist, who has been working in the cinematic and games industry for 10+ years now.
Having "dodged" the GoT series all together for years, I've recently decided to watch all of the seasons. I have to say that it had captivated me a lot and provided me with a huge amount of inspiration. I am seriously thinking about re-creating or creating an area/environment/city with 3D graphics of this fantasy world. A short video, presenting something really amazing from the GoT universe. It could be anything..something that hasn't appeared in the films, maybe just in the books. It could be absolutely anything, even from the prequels or from the upcoming books. I am looking for an idea that would be very powerful and could make sense of re-creating, something that would peek the interest of most people. I wouldn't just do something for the sake of doing something.. if that makes sense :) . I would very much like to hear your suggestions on the matter as the only way to create something very professional and breathtaking is if I can pour my heart and soul into this project. 

What would fans, who have way more knowledge and experience regarding GoT think would be amazing to create from this world?

You can check my work here: https://pixagen.artstation.com/
And this is the type of project I have in mind:

Thank you!



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Posted (edited)

Very impressive work, @Senderos.

You might take some inspiration from Unseen Westeros, an art project in which a number of artists -- many VFX and matte artists who've worked on GoT -- provided renditions of locations never seen in the show or rarely ever depicted. The Adobe page features only a small sample of the work, but if something there leapt out at you as something to render into 3D, I could help you get in touch with the organizers/artists if you wanted to collaborate.

Otherwise, there's lots of stuff that haven't really been depicted in great detail. I don't think anyone's ever depicted in full the Temple of the Lord of Light in Volantis, and I think a 3D version of Valyria inspired by Ted Nasmith's painting (in turn based on GRRM's detailed notes, and done with his direct iput) could be very cool -- especially with a "dragon's eye view", plummeting down from a tower to sweep past the canals filled with lava or something like that. That'd be interesting. Don't think the ruins of the Ghis have ever gotten much attention, either. 

Of those three, I think a Valyria rendition would be most interesting, not least because it would contrast with the rather drab show version of the ruins.

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