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Heresy 223 and where we go from here

Black Crow

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5 hours ago, Lord Aegon The Compromiser said:

I feel like the books would go better if George just admits he needs 9 or 10 or 12 books to finish properly and starts pushing the pace to get them out, rather than seemingly trying to fit at least 6,000 MS pages of material into 3,000.

Hey - come on over to the new Heresy.

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On 6/23/2019 at 10:50 AM, Black Crow said:
On 6/23/2019 at 10:25 AM, St Daga said:

This could be how we should look at it. A combination of fire and ice, with elements of both winter and summer. But this pledge is to Bran, so is he himself a combination of winter and summer? He certainly has the Summer connection with his direwolf, yet he sits in the seat of the Kings of Winter. So, what about Bran Stark makes him a combination of winter and summer?

What we have discussed in the past, and what I myself believe, is that this was the original oath that sealed the Pact:

One swears by earth and water - the natural world

One swears by bronze and Iron - the realms of men

Both together swear together by Ice and Fire - a conjoining of opposites because the land is one.

I know that we have moved onto a new thread, but I wanted to say that I do see this as a balance of sorts, something that needs to be maintained.  If this is the original pact between mankind and the children, why is it being repeated in Bran's story line? Because he is the one that has to make sure another balance/pact is established? In his role as a greenseer? It will be his role to move the pieces into play as if he is presiding over a great chess match? If a sacrifice is needed, will it be Bran's job to offer the sacrifice, or is it his role to be the sacrifice? In a way, he has already been sacrificed to the tree's, so it almost seems like he can't play a sacrificial role twice. So, who is the sacrifice, if one is needed? Perhaps a sacrifice from both sides of ice and fire. Is this the ultimate role of Jon and Dany? Because, it seems to me that the role of a sacrifice needs to be played by a human, not an animal or magic spirit. 

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