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For Sale - Subterranean Press Richard Hescox Clash of Kings Painting

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Hello Everyone and thank you for your time!

I hope  me being new, it is okay for me to post this here! I have a Clash of Kings painting by Richard Hescox being auctioned off right now on Comiclink auctions. Bidding is up to $230.00, with two days left to go. It is from the 2014 limited edition of A Clash of Kings published by Subterranean Press.

This painting depicts the same scene as shown in Season 2 Episode 5 of the Game of Thrones TV series, where, deep in the cellar of Kingslanding, Hallyne the Pyromancer shows Tyrion Lanister the queen's stock pile of 7,800 posts of Wildfire. Hescox worked closely with author Martin, who approved the artist's ideas on which scenes to illustrate from the novel. 


Thank you all again for your interest and time. 


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