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Luna Longmoon

Make your own Westeros House.

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I know it's been done before but would like to do it again:





Ancestral weapon:


Liege Lord:

Blood line (First men, etc):

Traditional appearance and house traits:


Origin story:

Current state of house:



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Sure, why not?

House: Sassarp

Blazon: Gules, an Inescutcheon in center, Argent, and in it a Griffin Rampant, Sable

Keep: Red Roost

Kingdom: Westerlands

Liege Lord: Lannister

Blood line (First men, etc): Andal

Traditional appearance and house traits: Blue eyes for looks. Calm disposition for characteristics.

Founder: Sargos the Shield-bearer

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House: Boatsman

Sigil: A sky blue field with three black ravens perched above four brown ships.

Keep: Unknown, later Ravenholt

Ancestral weapon: A Valyrian steel axe called Vengeance

Kingdom: Orkmont, but later Cape Kraken, in the North

Liege Lord: House Stark

Blood line (First men, etc): Ironborn/First Men later on

Traditional appearance and house traits: Tall and lean appearance, light brown hair and blue eyes. 

Founder: "Raven" Floki of the Ironborn

Origin story: 

True to the family name, House Boatsman were originally poor shipbuilders on the Iron Islands. However, as their craft grew in popularity, they slowly built their wealth and prestige until they could afford to keep two reaving ships and crews. 

So might their meagre existence have continued were it not for Floki, a highly clever boat builder and an equally savage fighter, even as a very young man. It was he who, despite being only 16 years old, helped his father seize and acquire the Valyrian steel axe during a daring raid in Essos. Only his skilled seamanship allowed their raiding party to return safely around Westeros, feigning to be traders to avoid the wroth of the Reach and Dorne. It was during that great sea voyage home that Floki's father died of his wounds acquired during the seizing of the axe. 

Word of Floki's voyage made him a known figure on the Iron Islands, and the plunder he brought home allowed him to develop a sigil for himself as a minor lord in his own right. House Boatsman was hired to build ships for larger houses. This increased Floki's following, even as he was invited to accompany greater houses of the Iron Islands on raids to the Riverlands and Westerlands. Though he was only brought along for his seamanship and his talent with building and maintaining ships, Floki proved himself in battle many times.

By the time he saw his 21st year, Floki was already a father of three sons and two daughters, even as he went on a raid to the North. It was disastrous, and an attack upon Deepwood Motte was beaten back with great loss. It was there that Floki, fleeing from vengeful Northmen, first came across a weirwood tree, deep in the forests of the Wolfswood. Though he fled back to the shore and led the survivors home, he never forgot the sight of that tree, nor did he forget the valiant strength of the Northmen. 

For the next several years, Floki stayed home, taking in dozens of slaves who were taken from the North. Treating them kindly, he questioned them on the weirwoods and the old gods. The more he learned, the more he was convinced that he and the Ironborn worshipped a false and evil god. Floki adopted the old gods of the First Men as his own, raising his children to recognize the old gods as the true gods of their world.

As the years passed, however, Floki became deeply unpopular and despised as an apostate. The Drowned Men preached against House Boatsman as being heretics and traitors, but Floki strove to win the protection of House Hoare, a major house who had abandoned the Drowned God for the Andal faith. Instead, House Hoare mocked Floki for a fool, worshipping weirwood trees. Attacks were launched against House Boatsman, and Floki was forced to defend himself and his people, many of whom followed their lord into worshipping the old gods. Floki was 27 years old when a devastating attack was launched on his home, leading to the brutal deaths of his wife and children. Floki and his surviving followers fled upon four crowded ships, never to settle on the Iron Islands again.

Though Floki's ships were well-built, they were hotly pursued by dozens of other ships whose oarsman were more numerous. Legend has it that Floki prayed to the old gods for salvation, leading to a great fog to descend upon the sea. While the Ironborn were virtually blinded by the fog, Floki had brought three ravens with him, and he released them so that they might fly above the fog and spot land. Floki's ships followed the black birds to the long shores of Cape Kraken.

At the time, as now, Cape Kraken was long disputed by the northmen and Ironborn, leading to a sparse population of mixed blooded people. Nobody opposed Floki when he landed his four ships and his followers, most of them northern slaves whom he had acquired on the Iron Islands. When he offered to set them free, most of them preferred to swear allegiance to Floki instead. This proved invaluable when the forces of the King of Winter arrived to drive Floki's followers into the sea as Ironborn raiders. 

Much was said about Floki's brilliant sailing or his vicious fighting, but on that occasion, his tongue turned to silver as he spoke of his renouncing the false Ironborn god, and offering his services to House Stark just as House Manderly had done just three hundred years before. Eyron Stark, the then-heir to Winterfell, was convinced of Floki's genuine conversion to the old gods, thanks in part to the numerous northmen whom Floki had released from imprisonment. It was determined that Floki would hold what part of Cape Kraken that he could, in defence of his new lord against the people he had renounced. Floki was untroubled, and vowed to slay a hundred Ironborn for every child that he'd lost to them. As a sign of his sincerity, he took a northern woman as his new wife and planted a godswood in his new home of Ravenholt. The wooden castle (which was eventually converted into stone over the long years, was built on the cliff where Floki's ravens had first landed on Cape Kraken, overlooking the sea from which he'd come. 

Thus began the rule of House Boatsman in Cape Kraken. Many times, Ironborn raiders landed on Cape Kraken, only to face the vengeful battle cry of Floki, who had renamed his Valyrian steel axe Vengeance. It's unknown how many Ironborn Floki killed during his lifetime, but he was a feared enemy, even as an ancient man with several sons and daughters by his northern wife, an illegitimate daughter of House Dustin's castellan whose name was Helga. Though he risked his life many times in battle, Floki was said to have died in bed soon after the death of Helga, passing peacefully when his heart gave out. The aging king Eyron Stark was said to have personally visited Ravenholt to oversee the joint funeral of Floki and Helga, while taking two of Floki's grandsons as wards to Winterfell.

Over the years, House Boatsman endured, even if they did not exactly flourish on Cape Kraken. Many times in that house's history, the head of the house was named Floki in honour of their famous founder. Due to their proximity with the Iron Islands, many members of House Boatsman suffered bloody deaths while battling the Ironborn and other pirates. Though they remained one of the smallest noble houses in the North, House Boatsman never failed in their service to House Stark, and were present for several great moments in the North's history. One of Floki's descendants was a witness to the kneeling of Torrhen Stark before the forces of King Aegon Targaryen. Another Floki travelled south to King's Landing with Cregan Stark after the Dance of the Dragons, and was one of the few men to go back north rather than settle south of the Neck or Essos. 

Among the most noteworthy of Floki's descendants was Floki "One-Eye", the twentieth of his name. As a young man, "One-Eye" earned this nickname after he suffered a grievous wound at the Battle of the Trident, even as he wielded Vengeance against the forces of House Targaryen alongside Eddard Stark. He would later lead a ship to the Iron Islands and gladly participate in the suppression of the Greyjoy Rebellion. Begging leave of Eddard Stark, "One-Eye" sailed to Orkmont and killed several descendants of those houses who had driven House Boatsman out of the Iron Islands. Their skulls are in Raven Hall to this day.

Current state of house:

In recent years, House Boatsman has suffered cruel losses from Ironborn raids by House Greyjoy during the War of the Five Kings, coupled with the death of the aging Floki "One-Eye" and several of his followers at the Red Wedding. The future of House Boatsman rests with their young lord, the twenty-first man to bear the name Floki. His whereabouts are unknown, as he refused to swear oaths to Roose Bolton, but has yet to be hunted down for this treason. Sources report that he left Ravenholt in the hands of his wife and sons, and was last seen leading a band of his best surviving warriors into the Neck. It is unclear what his purpose is or whether he will return from his quest.

Edited by Floki of the Ironborn

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House: Argyrus 

Sigil: Silver Amophora spilling out Silver Coins 

Colors: Silver and sky blue

Keep: Argent Hall 

Words: Honest and Frugal 

Ancestral weapon: Valyrian Steel sword named "Breakstone" 

Kingdom: Vale 

Liege Lord: House of Arryn 

Blood line (First men, etc): Andal

Traditional appearance and house traits: Tall and lean, with stern appearances and light brown hair.

Founder: Ser Honorius Argyrus 

Origin story: Discovered modest silver mine inside cave by accident 100 years before Aegon's conquest. Been mining silver in modest amounts and creating prized silverware for sale and export ever since. Possess the mine, 500 acres of Vale farm land and the Holdfast of Argent Hall guarding mine entrance. Originally of Knightly rank before purchasing Lordship at opportune moment. 

Current state of house:

Current lord  Berius Argyrus is married to gentlewomen from neighboring house of Landed Knights, have one son and one daughter. 

Household Guard of 50 Men at Arms and Knights. Mine workers double as infantry during levies (150 max). Silver mine running dry but tradition of careful frugality has left them a treasury of:

200 Gold Dragons, 22,600 Silver Moons, 62,400 Silver Stags and a few thousand silver coins from free cities. They also possess a room full of fine silverware, silver amphoras and vases that are highly sought after for its beauty. 

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(In my head narrative I tacked on a whole new region for my house to Lord Paramount of haha, I'll scale it down)

House: Vance of The Mountainlair (It's just too cool to me that my actual name is a Greathouse)

Sigil: A silver-and-black Shadowcat on a Chevron'd field of green, black and white

Colors: Green, Black and White. 

Keep: The Mountainlair. 

Words: TBD

Ancestral Weapon: Valyrian steel single-handed longsword named "The Problem Solver" (reserve right to change questionable name)

Blood: Andal (though more First Men than most non-northern peoples)

Kingdom: Vale (though has strong ties to the Riverlands through proximity and blood)

Appearance/Traits: Broad and muscular but of average height with green eyes. Handsome enough not to be ugly. Slow to anger but act quickly when roused from the Mountainlair. Book learning is supported. 

Founder: Willum the Wise 

Origin: 500 years before the Conquest (or close enough as not to matter), Willum Vance came to age as the eldest nephew of the Lord of Wayfarer's Rest. With no particular inheritance coming his way, Willum looked beyond Westeros for a fortune and convinced his aging father to let Willum purchase a ship. Make no mistake - Willum hated sailing. He hated the smell, he hated the grime, he hated the motion and was no stranger to puking over the side of the ship. But Willum DID want adventure, so he took to sea on the Constellation. 

And so Willum and the Contellation loaded up with what tradable goods he had and took to sea, departing from White Harbor. From there he sailed to Braavos and south down the far side of the Narrow Sea. Then it was east to Volantis and around the Freehold, past Qarth to the great island of Leng. By then, Willum's shrewd business had added several ships full trade goods to what became his fleet.

Willum of course dealt in gold and silver, spices and silk - but what Willum wanted the most was books. History books, geography books, books of ancient lore - it if was written down, Willum was willing to buy it. Years later, the Lord of the Mountainlair would jest that he would have returned home with an extra ship or two if it wasn't for the chests of books. On calm days at sea Willum could often be found below deck reading (it made him sick to read on more active ocean). 

Willum had resolved to travel the make the rounds on the Jade Sea, but his plans changed at Qarth when he heard of upheval in Yi Ti. From there he sailed south and mapped a great swath of the west coast of Sothyros, discovering 4 rivers before turning back North. 

Near the north-west tip of Sothyros, Willum led a group of men to investigate a crashed trading vessel. While inside the cracked hull, Willum and his men were set upon by a group of pirates who were investigating as well. Willum, a competent but not extraordinary swordsman, was disarmed by their captain. Willum stumbled back and spotted a hilt sticking up from the belt of a dead trader. As the captain lunged, Willum grabbed the hilt, drew the sword and ran the captain through. It wasn't until he was back on the Constellation that he noticed the tell-tale ripple of his new Valyrian sword, which he named "The Problem Solver."

After this latest near-death experience, Willum longed for dry land. His fleet sailed for Tall Trees Town, stopping just long enough to take on provisions and generate some more coin before headed back to the Sunset Kingdoms. 

Willum's first act upon returning to Westeros was to sell all his ships except the Constellation (out of affection for the ship). After 5 years at sea, Willum took tome with his family at Wayfarer's Rest before embarking on his new obsession - lands of his own and a great keep inspired by ancient techniques from the Bone Mountains - The Mountainlair. 

Willum cut a deal with Lord Arryn to purchase a tract of land along the western edge of the Mountains of the Moon. Willum selected a singular, tall, round mountain and hired engineers and artisans to build his seat. First, the mountain was completely stripped of trees and undergrowth. Then the dirt was removed, first with shovels and then with water pumped to the summit. Then, stonemasons leveled the top of the mountain off, leaving a flat stone plateau several acres wide. Then, stone was hewn away from the sides, more and more until they became sheer cliffs with one spiraling path upwards. The stone hewn from the top and sides was then fashioned into a keep at the top. It took 30 years and nearly all of his wealth, but finally, Willum had his seat, the Mountainlair, its stone pedestal rising several hundred feet above the valley below. The pedestal of grey stone was shot through with jet-black veins of coal. 

In Recent Years:

The Mountainlair now has a modest town at it's foot and has grown to a mid-level player in the Vale (not a Royce or Corbray, but respected). Many Vances of the Mountainlair have become maesters. The Mountainlairs vast library is among the largest in Westeros and attracts the interest of many in search of wisdom. 

When Lord Jon Arryn called his banners to support Lord Robert Baratheon's rebellion, the Vances of the Mountainlair were eager to join. Vance forces helped subdue house Grafton, with Lord Lysander Vance fighting side-by-side with Lord Baratheon as entered the town. Knights of the Mountainlair then joined Lord Stark's mighty host as it moved south. Once King, Robert rewarded Lord Lysander for his support with additional land. 

During the War of 5 Kings, The Lord of the Mountainlair bucked the pacifism of House Arryn and chose to throw in with the other Houses Vance, sending 500 men with the Young Wolf. Only a few dozen returned from the campaign. As of now, Lannister loyalists are laying an ineffective siege on the Mountainlair. Storehouses and cisterns built deep into the stone pedestal mean life has gone on for the residents of the Mountainlair. 

That was fun. 


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House: Steller

Sigil: A silver mastiff running across a green field.

Keep: Calador

Ancestral weapon: Valyrian steel sword named Atharr

Kingdom: the Stormlands

Liege Lord: House Durrandon, later House Baratheon

Blood line (First men, etc): Mixed

Traditional appearance and house traits: Brown curly hair, and dark blue eyes

Founder: Desmond Steller

Origin story:  

The origins of House Steller are shrouded in mystery, as it's unknown whether they were First Men who bred with invading Andals, or whether they were descended from Andals who married into the First Men. Regardless of the truth, they displayed no great accomplishments until the time of Desmond Steller, a young sellsword hired into the service of King Gyras I Durrandon, the great-grandson of Arlan III Durrandon who had conquered the Riverlands.

At the time, a rebellion was rising amongst the riverlords, and King Gyras came north to subdue the rebels before they could strike back hard enough. Desmond was hired, among many others, to aid in the fight. At one point, the king and his entourage were attacked by men of House Goodbrook, Bracken, and Vypren. The ambush was well placed, and bitterly executed. Of the sellswords that Gyras had hired, all but Desmond stayed to fight. To make matters worse, during the battle, Lord Harold Mannix of the Stormlands turned on his king, wounding him badly with his first blow. Just as he was about to finish Gyras off, Desmond engaged him in combat. Because Lord Mannix was armed with a Valyrian steel sword, Desmond was nearly killed. During the fight, Desmond's pet dog, a large mastiff called Atharr, broke through his restraints and hurled himself at Lord Mannix to save his master. Between the efforts of Desmond and Atharr, Lord Mannix died bloodily for his treachery, even as the forces under King Gyras rallied and made an organized retreat. Sadly, the noble dog called Atharr died of his wounds taken by the Valyrian steel sword, whereupon Desmond took the sword for himself, renaming it Atharr in honour of his beloved mastiff.

For his loyalty and bravery during the attack, King Gyras granted Desmond his own house, making him a knight and lord in one fell swoop. Because Harold Mannix had died childless and unmarried, Desmond was given half the lands loyal to House Mannix, which included their castle of Calador in the Stormlands, north of Bronzegate. Just as with his new sword, Desmond honoured his deceased pet with his new sigil. 

House Steller stayed loyal to House Durrandon for the next three centuries, producing a number of warriors and leaders who made their name alongside other houses of the Stormlands. Robin Steller fought against Orys Baratheon, but his son Lidole bent the knee to Orys. Lidole fought for Lord Baratheon during the First Dornish War and the Vulture Hunt. Karl Steller was one of the few stormlords to fight for the blacks during the Dance of the Dragons, though this action caused him to briefly be attainted by his family (until they could acknowledge him as a hero under the reign of Aegon III Targaryen). Lyle Steller achieved the most renown in his family when he not only made his reputation during the War of the Ninepenny Kings, but in his old age, he personally led his bannermen alongside Robert Baratheon, fighting in every battle where his lord was present. He brought along his eldest sons, Justin and Arlan, to these battles, while the youngest son, Roy, was an experienced knight serving in the garrison at Storm's End. The glory came with a great cost, however: Lyle lived long enough to see Justin and Arlan die at the Battle of Ashford, only for Lyle to perish at the Trident. Roy himself barely survived the siege of Storm's End, but he would remain loyal to Stannis for the rest of his life. He fought under Stannis' command during the Greyjoy Rebellion, and sent his eldest son to serve as a squire to a knight on Dragonstone. 

Current state of house: 

Rare amongst the Stormlords, Lord Roy Steller declared for Stannis Baratheon when the elder Baratheon brother claimed kingship. Though he wished to keep his bannermen at home in case he needed to defend his territory, Roy did send his three young sons to Dragonstone with a sizeable escort of House Steller's best warriors to sit on Stannis' war council. The brothers nominally joined the worship of R'lhorr for appearances, preferring not to actively pray or take part in the rituals. 

James, Leo, and Mervyn Steller subsequently sailed to Storm's End and stood by Stannis when his treacherous younger brother, Renly, threatened to slay his own kin rather than help his older brother take the Iron Throne which he deserved. After the death of Renly and the near-bloodless fall of Storm's End, Mervyn joined Stannis' garrison of Storm's End under the command of Ser Gilbert Farring. Mervyn's brothers and their forces participated in the Battle of the Blackwater, fighting valiantly for Stannis. When the battle turned against Stannis, however, only James and thirty of his men-at-arms escaped with Stannis. Leo was gravely wounded, but survived long enough to refuse the mercy of Joffrey Baratheon. He was subsequently beheaded, and his head was sent to Roy Steller at Calador. The aged lord was so horrified for his sons' fates that he collapsed, seized by a broken heart. Roy's former castellan fortified the castle, declaring James to be the new head of House Steller with a raven to Dragonstone. While House Steller remains resistant to King Joffrey, their status as a minor lord leave him largely unable to make a difference in the war.

James Steller, meanwhile, returned with Stannis to Dragonstone and later accompanied his king to the Wall. He and his surviving followers achieved great glory, riding valiantly against the wildling army. James is currently marching to Winterfell with Stannis, loyal to the true lord of Storm's End and the rightful king of Westeros. The mastiff shall fight with the stag, and die with the stag if need be. 

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House: Tusker.

Sigil: A boar's head sinister.

Colors: Sable on an orangé field.

Keep: Boar's Den.

Ancestral weapon: 

Kingdom: the North.

Liege Lord: House Ryswell.

Blood line (First men, etc): First Men/Iron Islanders.

Traditional appearance and house traits: Black hair & blue eyes, wan skin.

Founder: Harwyn Tusker.

Origin story: Harwyn Tusker, said to be an Iron Islander by birth, came to the Rills (with his forces) upon the invitation of House Ryswell, where they settled land not far from Sea Dragon Point. Upon its arrival in the North, House Tusker aided the Ryswells in their bid to conquer the Rills and thus ousted the ruling House Ryder.

Current state of house: House Tusker remains loyal to the Ryswells and has followed their lead in submitting to House Bolton (for the time-being).

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House:  KERBERRY                    




Keep: MULBERRY GROVE (Named for our famous Purple Mulberry Trees whose preserved fruit has seen many of our people through rough winters)

Ancestral weapon: A bow carved out of Mulberry Wood with Mountain Stag sinew for the string: named STAGSHOT

Kingdom: VALE OF ARRYN (Located in a Valley amongst the mountains south of Redfort)


Ethnicity: FIRST MEN

Religion: The Old Gods

Traditional appearance and house traits: Dark Mahogany brown hair with sapphire blue eyes


Origin story: Kerry was a young maiden in the Age Of Heroes who found a winged fawn (rare even then) who had been orphaned by hunters. She raised it and when grown in allowed her to ride it and brought her to the Heart Tree in the middle of the Mulberry Grove where she would make her home after marrying her village sweetheart, Jon.  The bow would be carved by her descendant during the Andal Invasion and would be used to keep the family safe until the battles were through and the Vale was now the Vale of Arryn.  Tame deer live in the grove (wingless, normally; however, during times of high magic and/or high danger, the Old Gods will bless  the herd and winged deer will again be born to House Kerberry

Current state of house: Lord Matthew the Victor (so named for his many successful battles against neighboring mountain clans)

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House: Malstrom

Sigil: Blue whirlpool in a dark blue background

Seat: The Golden Port

Keep: Longship Hall (formerly known as the Tempest)

Words: War Is Bad For Trade

Ancestral Weapon: Hammerhead (a hammer)

Kingdom: Reach, in the Arbor

Liege Lord: Redwyne

Bloodline: Volantene

Traits: Skilled traders/shipbuilders

Founder: Marq Maelstrom, Volantene tradesman

Origin: Marq Maelstrom, owner of a few Volantene trading galleys ran aground on the Redwyne straits. Being reasonably wealthy he purchased the surrounding area from Lord Redwyne and built a small settlement, having his personal dwelling as the ship he ran ashore in, the Tempest. He then adopted the Faith of the Seven and changed his name to Malstrom and started a family and was made a landed knight and later a lord due to the weak willed King Aenys. 

House Malstrom sent men forth to face Aegon on the Field of Fire during the conquest and many perished. In the years leading up to the Dance the hose had gained a reasonable military presence, commanding 8 war galleys and being able to field 500 men with 25 knights. During the Dance House Malstrom fought for Rhaenyra but managed to avoid significant consequences like what happened to the Osgreys. 

During Robert’s Rebellion the house fought for the loyalists due to being bannermen of the Redwynes, and participated in the naval siege of Storm’s End.

Current State: Due to the Redwynes being neutral at the start of the War of the Five Kings House Malstrom were also neutral, but as of currently they have sent ships to Dragonstone. At the war’s outbreak they immediately focused their trade on ports untouched by war but in need of supplies for the military such as Lannisport, White Harbour, and Oldtown. The current lord of the house is the elderly Lord Endrew, but his eldest son is captaining a ship with the Redwyne fleet and his second son has joined the Second Sons for two years to bring home gold and glory. His only daughter is betrothed to Ser Robar Frey, currently cañtain of the guard of the keep. His harbourmaster is the crippled ironborn warrior Harras the Red. His master at arms is a former pit fighter, Gotho, from Meereen, bought by Lord Melstrom in his youth when he visited Slaver’s Bay, where he also bought some Unsullied to serve as guards. All slaves bought were also freed. The master of horse is a Dothraki named Cranosz. The head steward is Lord Melstrom’s younger brother Leobald, and they also have a Maester and a Septon, but also keep a godswood and a shrine to the Drowned God. They have recently taken into their service a Summer Islander named Rundaq, who is their captain of their archers.

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House: House Targaryen of Tyrosh and the stepstones

Sigil: The Targaryen dragon in top right and bottom left the Bleeding tower of Tyrosh top left and bottom right

Colors: Like the normal targ sigl the bleeding tower being grey in a red background

Keep: A fortress in the middle of Tyrosh made of blackstone

Ancestral weapon: A sword made of dragonstone ( a material use in Tyrosh in its walls)

Kingdom: Stepstones (added to the Crownlands)

Liege Lord: The crownlands and dragonstone

Blood line (First men, etc): Valyrian

Traditional appearance and house traits: Valyrian features. Proud and ambicious .

Founder: A descendant of a bastard son of Saera Targaryen, Baelon Targaryen after he got legitimized by Aegon the third. 

 story:A descendant of a bastard son of Saera Targaryen, Baelon Targaryen after he got legitimized by Aegon the third. In the final years of Aegon's reign he allied with some sellsword companies, the Velaryons and Pentos. He dreamed of repeating what Daemon Targaryen did.  He conquered Tyrosh and some islands of the stepstones. He aided Daeron in his attack to Dorne with a fleet of sellsword and tyroshi men. In the battles many men either died or deserted. Baelon died a little bit after Dareon's death, killed by some archers after he tried to escape to Tyrosh. His son Daeron dealed with some attacks from Myr and Lys, but handled the situation pretty well. Later, in the deal the Blackfyre rebellion, they sided with the loyalist forces.The leader of the house then, Aemond lost his hand in a duel vs Redtusk, so he didn't assist the battle of the redgrass field. Few months after the rebellion Aemond returned to Tyrosh, only to see that the Blackfyre forces had taken the city and hid in the city. Without and army, they were given some land by Daeron in KL, where they controlles a small suburb. After some years they lost most of their money , but remained a proud, albeit poor and powerless house in KL. Most of the members of the house died in the tragedy of Summerhall. The last members of the house were Daeron and his sister wife Saera and their brother, Baelon.They had no money, so they sold their lands in KL to the faith. Later, Saera died of a still born son. Daeron died later that year in the battle of the Trident. What happened to Baelon is unknown,but with no money left and his valyrian hair and eyes he would be most likely dead.

Current state of house:Unknown (hold no land or riches)

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House: Gein

Sigil: A quartered corpse

Colors: White on black

Words: Indescent and obscene

Keep: Deadfort

Ancestral weapon: Gravedigger (an old shovel made of valyrian steel)

Kingdom: The North

Liege Lord: Bolton

Blood line (First men, etc): First men

Traditional appearance and house traits: Descended from first men though very pale of skin.

Founder: Eddie "dead Ned" Gein

Origin story: Dead Ned earned his name from his necrophilic activity and gained much approval from house Bolton. They used to decorate their halls in their small keep with the skin of their enemies and the corpses of the dead.

Current state of house: Extinct. Some believe a servant in service to Bolton by the name Reek was the last descendent from house Gein, from a lesser branch.

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