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Fragile Bird

US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

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5 minutes ago, DMC said:

Um, first, I don't know how it's an answer.  Second, yes, Bernie ran to keep Clinton honest in 2016, I was fine with that.  Third, that Bernie virtually "always votes" for the Dems is more of a demonstration that his "outsider" status was more of a gimmick that benefited him politically.  He used it to engender support from the left/far left just like Nader did before him.  But at least Nader wasn't a sitting member of Congress.  Fourth, of course he embodies a left wing agenda that is vastly different than Biden's.  I don't think Biden has a policy agenda beyond "Biden Rules!"

Bernie's agenda, though?  Might as well drive that into the water as well for all it's worth.

So your argument is Bernie is bad because he never ran with a D next to his name? What a trash take, I hope you enjoy watching all your precious D's sprinting as quickly as they can to align themselves with Bernie.

As for his agenda, do you really think anyone has any chance of passing anything through a Republican held Senate? It's all about moving the Overton Window to the left so we can actually start having these debates in the future, because most other places in the western world, Bernie's policies are the norm.

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