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A tool that lets you create your own custom Map of Westeros

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Hi everyone,


I am the owner and developer behind MapChart, a map-making website, as well as a huge fan of the aSoIaF novels. Just letting you know that there is now a new page on the website, the Westeros map, where you can create your own custom map of all Houses in Westeros, like this one:


 It features:

  • 172 territories of all the Houses of Westeros
  • 9 major cities (capitals of the Kingdoms plus King’s Landing)
  • 111 secondary cities, as well as some important story locations (Land of Always Winter, Tower of Joy, Harrenhal, God’s Eye, and others)
  • Switches at the left-hand side to show/hide the cities and their name labels


You can also check the relevant post on the MapChart blog for more details on the map.


So, feel free to visit the new map and make your own alternate scenarios, show statistics, or explore the geography and politics of Westeros with this simple and free tool. Of course, I am open to suggestions and fixes to improve the map!

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hi whiplash - nice work - i truly like the offerings of all the colours ! 

i'll click around and such and offer some suggestions ... i do have right off the top: 
how about the possibility of marking in the roads?  the kingsroad at the least?
and how about a darker border in the applicable locations to distinguish the seven kingdoms apart?


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