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Workable Prisons

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29 minutes ago, Simon Steele said:

It is not a treatise on centralization of power through government. By arguing that power is centralized, you undermine his entire point that power is not bad.

Um, I never said it was a "treatise" on centralization, I just said that was my main takeaway from it.  And I certainly didn't say anything about power being inherently bad.

30 minutes ago, Simon Steele said:

My guess is you misunderstood your lecture. Again, sorry you get so angry when you get corrected

LOL.  "Corrected."  And you say I'm arrogant.  You were a dick so I turned it right back on you buddy, that's all that is.  You wanna stop being a dick and maybe frame the conversation as "I disagree" rather than "you just read the Sparknotes," I'll be happy to frame the discussion in kind as well.  I'll agree I started this back and forth where we're dicks to each other, and I really do apologize for that, but you're the one continuing it.


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