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Workable Objectivism (Ayn Rand)

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"Speak softly and carry a large stick" only works as a political strategy if there is an actual large stick somewhere in the equation. Gradual broadening of the right to vote during 19th century happened only because the alternative was the French Revolution repeating itself in other major countries; apartheid ended due to combination of external pressure and the risk of revolution; the fall of Berlin Wall and Velvet Revolution happened because the alternative was the Romanian Revolution; increase of worker's rights in early 20th century came about partly out of fear of the communist revolution; etc.

You may notice the word "revolution" repeating itself in the previous sentence.

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There's also a huge range of communication and interaction between civil discourse and outright violence.  At some point in this thread it seems that anyone advocating shouting down Nazis has to also be arguing that violence or the threat of it is the only alternative to debating them on live TV.  Which of course is a load of bullshit 

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Posted (edited)
On 7/11/2019 at 8:36 PM, The Anti-Targ said:

Indeed, the very notion of a self-made anyone is a totally bullshit fallacy, but is used to perpetuate the notion that the Bezos's of this world actually deserve the obscene riches they've been able to accumulate.

Or we could end up with something like 

Or is this the same as objectivism?

Hmm, just re-watched this movie a few days ago.

Thought of this thread, and your post.

This is in my opinion an interesting interpretation for a society how a society could  develop after presumably following Rand’s advice although in my opinion not a totally unrealistic one. The parasites had given complete control of society over to the Genius capitalists. There was no regulation, no checks against corporate greed. And they(the genius capitalists) fuck up the world so much they just decide to leave it. And we end up with a society totally enfeebled and intellectually degrading by the day. Because their general people’s prosperity isn’t really a concern for the Genius capitalists who’ve managed to destroy the world. They’ve made the people who would be their “customers” comfortable enough to not rebel get the products when called upon and have structured society in a way that pays no real attention to their intellectual, or even just physical needs. 

As much as Rand and B16 complain about the general masses being parasitic by all reason such individuals who only care for profit should try to weaken the general masses. If everyone is an addict to your drug/food/game etc then you’re the most powerful. Everyone is worse off but who cares? You’re prospering. 

Also, I just saw an old video of a KKK doing a news interview where he was rather polite in explaining the virtues of his activism and cause. Try as I might I could bring myself to congratulate this guy for being civil as he civilly tried to white-wash a terrorist organization. Oh how intolerant am I for thinking the person is a bad person by virtue of pushing for a society where I’m literally treated less than human? I would say not very.

On 9/2/2019 at 7:40 AM, Rippounet said:

One very interesting example, because many people are labeled or described as terrorists... Until they're not. And many people do cheer for some of the milder forms of "terrorism" at least (some forms of vandalism or intimidation for instance).

True. Why people dub others as being terrorists almost always rely more on the cause the individuals are fighting for than the actual actions taken. If the people find a  cause as “worthy” they’re more likely to excuse/glorify those who commit violence in the name of that cause as  freedom fighters, heroes etc.  Think of the “freedom fighters” America repeatedly sponsors in countries that don’t have a friendly Government. Most of the time there’s really no difference in tactics between these “freedom fighters” and the  groups the US counts as terrorists.

Hell, look at Cruz’s attempt to get the Antifa movement classified as a terrorist organization. The things he literally listed as proof they are one could be found in any movement and aren’t even as extreme as some of the actions found in other movements.

And he was silent when right wing political activists (on video) deliberately sought out their political opposition to commit violence against them. 

Because in the end he never cared about civility.  He cared about shutting up those who opposed his side.

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