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jaime and brienne parallels

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Sometimes I just .. find myself staring off into the distance thinking about the intricate web of parallels between jaime and brienne’s lives that grrm has written and how dumb and dumber just did absolutely nothing with it.

i mEAN

  • jaime joined the kingsguard because of his love for cersei so he could be near her. Brienne joined renly’s kingsguard because of her love for renly, so she could be near him.
  • They were both absolutely devoted to c/r who used this to their advantage. C manipulating jaime getting him to do what she wants and r using brienne as his personal shield even though he didnt care about her at all because he knew all she wanted was to be near him and protect him.
  • Growing up both loved the idea of knights, knightly values and honour but it’s ripped from them. Jaime when he does the right thing in stopping aerys bc of the wildfire and after two years of listening to aerys rape his wife without being allowed to stop it. Currently on going with brienne during her travels to find sansa and her LS storyline.
  • Both have their ideals of being a knight upended by the other. Brienne after discovering Jaime’s true reasons for killing aerys and jaime after just generally being around brienne making him WANT to be a better knight once again because of her actions and refusing to shed blood at riverrun because of his oath to Cat.
  • Jaime killed aerys and was labelled kingslayer, nobody asked or cared why he did it. Brienne was labelled kingslayer after renly died, nobody (except jaime) believed her when she claimed it was a shadow and that she didnt do it.
  • Lady Stoneheart is obviously going to be brienne’s aerys. Its going to challenge every ideal shes had just like jaime wirh aerys. She’s likely going to kill her, and have to deal with that fall out much similar way to jaime.
  • Jaime’s constant battle in his mind about being a father, wanting to be a father but not being allowed to. Brienne wanting to be to be lady of tarth and a mother, she actually wants to be that despite what the dumb show tells you.
  • They both were happy to be heir to their houses but Jaime gave the rock up for c. Brienne seemingly gave up tarth to be in renly’s kingsguard, like I don’t think she expects she will get to go back even though she thinks about it and her father a lot.
  • They both beat the shit out of Ron connington.

#sometimes i feel like grrm is writing briennes story like jaime but 15 years later and brienne has jaime when jaime had nobody



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