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Iskaral Pust

Football: A New Hope

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Decent performance. Shame about the missed penalty though. Wolves were the better side in all three of our games last season so at least this was a much better performance than what we managed against them last season. 

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What basically happened is that Adama Traore is really, really, ridiculously fast.

Highlighted the issue with Shaw in that he came up against a player where his pace can't get him out of trouble his positioning gets him into, but that really isn't gonna happen that often despite his proneness to flab that people have been mocking recently, so I don't think it'll overly damage our season unless PSG drop into the Europa league and he winds up against M'Bappe.

It was a good performance, can't be mad about it. Even while we were struggling to deal with Wolves' improvement we were still getting chances of our own, it wasn't a collapse or anything.

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10 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

Bleh, not a good start to the season for Chelsea.

Fitness seems to be one of the things Chelsea need to improve on.

At the moment, we look good in the first half of games, but poor in the second. Sky Sports showed a comparison in the build up to the Wolves vs Man United game last night of Chelsea's stats in the first half of the two PL fixtures compared to the second half and the drop off was significant.  In the first half against Man United, we played quite well, then faded in the second. For 120 minutes against Liverpool, we played really well, but maybe the players were buoyed on by the fact there was a trophy to play for. First 20 minutes against Leicester, we played with an intensity rarely seen from a Chelsea side at Stamford Bridge, but after having played 120 minutes midweek, it was likely the players were going to tire and be unable to keep that level up through the entire game. 

However, there have been some positives. We press much better from the front than we ever have. I thought it was a brilliant piece of play from Mason Mount for his goal against Leicester. The way he won the ball so quickly from Ndidi was nearly more impressive than his finish for the goal. The way he plays isn't too dissimilar to the way Oscar played for us during Mourinho's second spell at the club.

We have actually had the third most shots after Man City and Spurs, but to have only scored one goal from the 32 shots over two league games is a very poor conversion rate. Another problem is that only five shots have come from centre forwards - four for Abraham and one for Giroud. What Giroud brings, though, is the ability to occupy centre backs and create space for the attacking midfielders and wingers to move into, and he did that very well in the opening stages of the Leicester game. Abraham brings the speed and mobility to get in behind the opposition's defence and also the ability to close down opposition defenders on the ball.


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