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Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

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On 8/12/2019 at 10:46 PM, dbunting said:

Here's mine off the top of my head and don't know ep titles.

Big bang theory, the one where Amy fakes being sick and Sheldon spanks her.

Seinfeld, The contest of course....    The one with the soup Nazi.    The one entirely in the Chinese restaurant waiting for a table.

Cheers, the one where the bar yells Norm!

MASH, agree with poster, most were excellent but not purely comedy.

Friends, one stands out for me is where the girls lose the nice apt and have to move to the guys apt.

I'll stop here but I am sure others will pop in my head as posts come in here.

The Friends episode is “The One with the Embryos”.

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By far, for me was the Friends' episode in which Rachel and Phoebe find out about Monica and Chandler and go head to head with them...

Phoebe's seductive powers and their "they don't know we know they know we know" was HILARIOUS.

I realize now I need to watch more comedies...

And now I am trying to figure out the best Doris Roberts' moment in "Everybody loves Raymond" It certainly features cooking :D

As for TBBT, the episode in which Sheldon gets Leonard Nimoy's handkerchief was the one that made me watch the whole thing.

Also I remember watching an episode of "According to Jim" in which Jim makes his brother-in-law procure him a sperm sample and his wife finds that out so she told him they had impregnated her immediately. I remember laughing so loudly...

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Modern Family - "Connection Lost" (6.16) 

Boy Meets World - "And Then There Was Shawn" (5.17)

These are both each show's top-rated episode on IMDb, and they're the episodes that most stick out in my mind.

Now time for the hardest question. . . . what's the best episode of The Golden Girls?

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Red Dwarf - Probably Marooned for being a two-hander that delves deeply into character comedy (although strong arguments for Polymorph and the near-tragic-but-still-hilarious Thanks for the Memory can be made).

Community - Remedial Chaos Theory I think is the front-runner from a strong line-up.

Spaced - Probably the episode where they went completely nuts and somehow mashed up One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Robot Wars in the same episode. Or the Season 2 opener, which retains the greatest Star Wars analysis ever made ("Jar-Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like FUCKING SHAFT!").

Parks & Rec - too many to choose from, but Harvest Festival is a stand-out if only for Ben's increasingly nonplussed reactions to the bloody tiny horse.

Futurama - Brannigan, Begin Again is my personal take, as it introduces the Neutral Planet and takes the Brannigan-Kif not-bromance to the next level.

Blackadder - Probably the series finale, which is both hilarious and gut-wrenchingly tragic.

Schitt's Creek - The entire series from the end of Season 1 is arguably on fire, but Grad Night, Friends & Family and Happy Anniversary have to be up there.

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Posted (edited)

Everybody Loves Raymond when his dad drove the car into their living room.     Their episodes were too similar to remember separately other than that one and when the brothers spent a whole ep fighting in the car (maybe i just like cars?) , and they went to Italy, and had Thanksgiving with Robert's wife's clan, and Deborah went insane once and out-Dorissed Doris.

GOLDEN GIRLS ranked.  


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