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Tywin Manderly

Tywin's Choice for Heir to Casterly Rock

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From ASoS, Tyrion III:



"I believe I am," he said, bristling. "I confess, I cannot prove it. Though no one can say I have not tried. Why, I plant my little seeds just as often as I can . . ."

"In the gutters and the ditches," finished Lord Tywin, "and in common ground where only bastard weeds take root. It is past time you kept your own garden." He rose to his feet. "You shall never have Casterly Rock, I promise you. But wed Sansa Stark, and it is just possible that you might win Winterfell."

Tyrion Lannister, Lord Protector of Winterfell. The prospect gave him a queer chill. "Very good, Father," he said slowly, "but there's a big ugly roach in your rushes. Robb Stark is as capable as I am, presumably, and sworn to marry one of those fertile Freys. And once the Young Wolf sires a litter, any pups that Sansa births are heirs to nothing."


Who do you think Tywin would have chosen as heir to Casterly Rock should he have come round to making arrangements concerning the matter of succession to the lordship of Casterly Rock?

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I think, it was supposed to be Tommen. Or maybe, Myrcella, if she later married with one of her Lannister cousins, one of Kevan's sons. That way, even though she was Baratheon, later Casterly Rock still would have remained as domain of Lannisters. Lancel is only 8 years older than Myrcella, Martyn is 5 or 3 years older, so she could have married with one of them. There also Janei, Kevan's daughter, who is 5-6 years younger than Tommen, they could have married, not to bring into the mix non-Lannister genes, in case if Tywin made Tommen his heir. If Joffrey was King, then the King's brother as the Lord of Casterly Rock is a perfect option, especcially, if in case of Joffrey's death, at that time he will have no children, then Tommen will become King of 7K. In this case Tommen's oldest son will become the King after him, and his next son will be Lord of Casterly Rock.

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4 hours ago, Universal Sword Donor said:

It was always Jaime. He says as much in ASOS when he gives Jaime oathkeeper

This. If not the order of preference would likely be: Tommen, Kevan, Kevan's Children, Tyrek, and then going towards Joanna's side. Probably would have given it to one of Genna's Freys before Tyrion.

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