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A Horse Named Stranger

UK Politics: The Malice in the Chalice held by the Pfeffel with the Piffle is the Brexit that is true.

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The line now is that Lansman did it on his own without the official approval of Momentum, so they’re obviously expecting it to get dropped 

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6 hours ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

I wanted to make a dark Black Friday joke, about how Americans treat their silly electronics shopping like they were after the last bits of food, while the Brits were invading supermarkets like they were after the last bits of food, but much to my dismay I discovered that Black Friday is at the end of November, not October - so well past Brexit. 

But then again in serious, I don't think those scenes are likely to happen for some reasons. There's the optimists (supported by most Brexiter media)  who don't think there'll be any problem, so why should they stockpile? The pessimists will probably have started to slowly but surely built up a supply months ago. Then we have the folks banking on another extension/last minute deal (it worked back in March, it will work again - I think I'd fall into that category). 

Part of me is morbidly curious which of our British boarders have turned into preppers. Well, presumably without the gold and guns that is.

Don't ask people on a public forum if they have prepped or not.   Maybe after Brexit is sorted and any need for prepping has passed.  Also Preppers are not panic buyers.  Preppers leave the panicing and empty shelve fights for those that failed to prep.



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