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Jaime cersei discovered

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From Race for the Iron Throne's analysis of the chapter:


What If Bran Isn’t Thrown from the Tower? This is perhaps the most obvious divergence from the major consequence of the chapter, and it has some interesting longer-term consequences. Firstly, it means that Bran doesn’t get crippled, and likely obviates Joffrey’s assassination attempt – this makes the Stark-Lannister feud much more long-term, since it means that Catelyn Stark has no reason to go to King’s Landing, which means that in all likelihood Tyrion never gets captured, and it means that Bran likely goes to King’s Landing with dreams of knighthood in his eyes (I like to think that Eddard might have arranged for Bran to squire with Ser Barristan, which would possibly have led to a Stark in Daenerys’ retinue). It may also mean that Bran’s greenseer abilities lay dormant, although it’s unclear how important the trauma of his injury was in the awakening process or whether Brynden Bloodraven would have been able to open Bran’s third eye regardless. It also means that Eddard starts his investigation knowing much earlier what’s going on with Cersei and Jaime (since Bran’s inability to keep promises is foreshadowed in this chapter, and I don’t see a seven year old boy being able to keep this under wraps) and is thus less likely to be led up blind alleys by Littlefinger – instead of pursuing a mystery, he’s collecting evidence for a formal charge of treason. I think this last issue lays to rest Cersei’s protestations of innocence in his maiming; at the end of the day she and Jaime are too exposed to leave it up to chance that knowledge of her incestuous adultery can further spread, which means it probably was never going to happen that Bran actually makes it down unharmed.


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