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Westeros Experts League 2022

Jaime L

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Starting a new thread as the last is well over 400 posts and because I checked the calendar and apparently it's actually 2019. 

Week 1 Power Rankings

1) Jaime L - 9-0
2) Lord Dracarys - 8-1
3) Mya Stone - 7-2
4) boiled leather - 6-3
5) Dunknegg - 5-4
6) JJ Lannister - 4-5
7) Fuentez - 3-6
8) RaceBannon - 2-7
9) Whiskeyjack - 1-8
10) Jace, Balissa - 0-9

Biggest surprise of the week has to be Mya's autodraft team putting up a 190+. Also got 60 points out of the 3 players she traded for and all of a sudden looks like a scary team instead of a tragic autodraft team. Can do the sliding doors thing, but it doesn't appear the couple trades affected any week 1 outcomes as there weren't terribly close matchups in week 1. 

Beyond that was a very high scoring week in general. Can't recall a week with 3 teams over 190, and the 233 my team put up looks to be the highest score in several seasons. I'll take it compared to how I started the last couple seasons. 

Week 1 had some extreme boom/bust performances. I'm expecting week 2 to be a return to a more normal, more competitive, less extreme week...but we shall see. 

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1 hour ago, Jaime L said:

Beyond that was a very high scoring week in general. Can't recall a week with 3 teams over 190, and the 233 my team put up looks to be the highest score in several seasons.

Circa 2018, week 1 (#154)

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24 minutes ago, Dunknegg said:

Circa 2018, week 1 (#154) 

True, didn't realize how much week 1 last year was like this year. And week 2 last year had 3 teams over 184, Still haven't mentally adjusted to the new normal. 

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Week 2 Power Rankings

1) Jaime L - 18-0
2) Lord Dracarys - 15-3
2t) Mya Stone - 15-3
4) Dunknegg - 8-10
4t) JJ Lannister - 8-10
4t) Fuentez - 8-10
7t) boiled leather - 7-11

7t) Whiskeyjack - 7-11
9) RaceBannon - 4-14

10) Jace, Balissa - 0-18

Like America, the power rankings are starting to reflect a steep divide between a small cabal of coastal elites and a large underclass. So far Dracarys, Mya and I are looking like early contenders though 2 weeks does not a season make. Of note, Mya's autodraft is looking deeper than it did at first glance and her trade with JJ netted her 3 solid starters that have filled the gaps. Sanders alone almost pulled out the week for her in a tight one against me. The trick will be sustaining this when the byes start but already has built a strong base of power ranking wins. 

On the other end of things, think it's already time to worry for Jace. Just a brutal week of injuries and no shows in the starting lineup while her bench went off. At the last the latter provides hope to turn things around, but it needs to start now to get out of this early hole. 


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There has been a trade. Only minutes after choosing a minor exchange over a blockbuster deal the Duskendale Dames have agreed to terms with the Castle Black Crows.

Castle Black Crows receive:

TE George Kittle

RB LeShawn McCoy

RB Rashaad Pennie

WR Jarvis Landry

DEF Denver

Duskendale Dames receive:

WR Tyler Lockett

TE Will Dissly

RB DeVonte Freeman

RB Ito Smith

DEF Atlanta

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On 9/22/2019 at 7:19 PM, Dunknegg said:

Congrats! Condolences. But mostly congrats!  I hope there was a clear understanding about football season before the nuptials took place. :D  My wife is a trooper when it comes to “illusion” football as she calls it.

Thanks everyone. The wife is fortunately very amenable to fantasy football as long as I'm not in 10 leagues and because she now plays in a family league.

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Week 3 Power Rankings

1) Jaime L - 25-2
2) Lord Dracarys - 24-3
3) Dunknegg - 16-11

4) Mya Stone - 15-12
5)  Fuentez - 14-13
6) Whiskeyjack - 10-17

7t) JJ Lannister - 9-18
7t) boiled leather - 9-18
9) RaceBannon - 8-19
10) Jace, Balissa - 5-22

For those not paying attention Dracarys had some really big news this week. He put up the highest single week score in Experts (236.48) since me in 2013. Had to look it up because I was curious. Way to go, Drac. Definitely helps ease the sting of being the one left holding AB when he got cut for the 2nd time this season. 

Super close matchup between WJ and Race that hinged on whether David Montgomery could get 6 points on MNF. Didn't look like it all night and then with 5 minutes to go in the game starting ripping off 9-10 yard runs to flip that matchup. Mya's roller coaster season from the nightmare of an autodraft to a shockingly good first two weeks now is back on a down swing after losing Saquon for who knows how long.

I'd analyze the fallout from the trades this week but there were too many to name. At the end of the day WJ and Jace each made 3 trades. Neither got the win this week but really it's all about what it means for them the rest of the way and right now way too early to say. 

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