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Westeros Experts League 2022

Jaime L

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Been talking to groz and he doesn't think he has time to join this year, so he's going to drop out.  Sorry to see him not be a part of the league, he definitely earned the spot with a great team in Westeros A last season.  

But with a place open, Jaime will return (and hopefully retake the commissioner job?).  Time for a redemption arc!

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On 8/28/2022 at 9:53 AM, Jaxom 1974 said:

Maybe we should vote on Jaime...just sayin'... :P

Believe me, feels weird returning through the backdoor. Would much rather earn my way back in but Groz had been DMing me since the spring to take his spot and so finally agreed to do so but felt weird about it.

In terms of Experts logic, I was the last team Jaxomed and don't believe there was a 3rd qualified league winner out there to fill the opening. In the past if there isn't a qualified team to take a spot, we've let Jaxomed teams back in. That said, if there's a case for anyone else for it, I'm happy to give this up to them. There's no requirement we stick to that precedent. Feel like George Costanza loudly quitting, regretting it, and then hoping no-one will remember when he's attending the company meeting the next day.

On the plus side, these 8 months of being out of Experts has cleansed me of the commissonership similar to, and spoiler warning for the particularly slow book readers/show watchers, the loophole Jon Snow used to free him from his Nights Watch vows by being temporarily dead. So, in a way...... this has potentially worked out better than before (except for WJ). 

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I like the IR spots - they reflect how things have changed in the NFL and short term IR is more common now. 

Plus they account for Covid and players being declared out for other reasons. 

Losing a player to injury or illness is enough of a negative by itself, don't see why we would want to force that team to also drop a player to pickup a replacement.

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QB - J.Burrow, M.Stafford (M.Willis)
RB - J.Taylor, S.Barkley, D.Pierce (B.Hall, R.White, E.Benjamin, J.Warren)
WR - M.Williams, G.Davis, K.Toney, G.Pickens (S.Moore, J.Dotson, T.Boyd, J.Jones, R.Gage)
TE - D.Njoku, G.Everett
K - D.Hopkins
DEF - Cincinnati, Indianapolis

Solid draft.  Didn't see many huge deals other than maybe some of the RB3.  Feel great about RB, pretty good about QB, and good about my WR1-2.  But WR3-4 is a weak spot, need some luck there.

Might be willing to trade Breece + a bench WR for a solid WR2-3 + lesser RB4.  Not sure, but could see something like that making sense.

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QB - Tua, Fields, Matt Ryan, RT 17  streaming week by week

RB - Cook, Williams, Mitchell (Gibson, Edmonds, CEH, Carter, Mattison)

WR - Cooks, Hollywood, E Moore, Waddle, Mooney (London, and Parker)  Dont really have a clear top 4, I have about 6 WR3's)

TE - Kittle and Ertz

DST - Tampa and Miami


Overall I like my team.  The challenge is going to be setting the lineups, as I have a bunch of $5 guys on the bench.  My RBs are very solid.  If you have a gaping hole somewhere in your lineup, then we can probably find a deal.

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QB - J.Herbert, D.Carr (M.Mariota)

RB - L.Fournette, A.Kamara, D.Harris (D.Singletary, J.Robinson, S.Michel)

WR - D.Samuel, M.Pittman Jr, D.Johnson, T.Lockett (M.Valdes-Scantling, N.Collins, T.Burks, K.Golladay, J.Tolbert, M.Gallup)

TE - D.Waller, H.Henry (N.Fant)

K - D.Carlson

DEF - Dallas & Cleveland(trading for Miami)

Not sure how I feel about this team. There is potential, but it could also go awry easily as well. If my QBs stay healthy, I’ll feel more comfortable. WR are what I’m most unsure about.

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I realize I'm in a tough spot here. I wasn't expecting everyone to outbid me on like 6 $2 QBs  I need a warm body. I'll trade any  player currently on my bench for an actual warm starting  QB other than Flacco as he's likely only a 1 week answer. Failing that I'm not going to trade a $30 auction player for a mediocre option. 

My other option is to go scorched earth and trade all my good players to WJ for waiver wire dregs. ;)

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QBs: Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen (Dak Prescott, Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence)

WRs: Terry McLaurin, Allen Robinson, Rashod Bateman, Jerry Jeudy (DeAndre Hopkins, DK Metcalf, Alec Pierce, Parris Campbell)

RBs: Rahmondre Stevenson, Nyheim Hines, Tony Pollard (Kenyon Drake)

TEs: TJ Hockenson, Dalton Schultz (Mo-Alie Cox)

K: Evan McPhearson


Def: New Orleans, Philly, Pittsburgh 

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