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Westeros Experts League 2022

Jaime L

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Final Power Rankings

1) Race: 103-23 (12-2)
2) Jace: 73-53 (7-7)
3) Mudguard: 62-64 (8-6)
-- Jaxom: 62-64 (8-6)
-- Jaime: 62-64 (4-10)
6) Boiled Leather: 60-66 (6-8)
7) Whiskeyjack: 57-69 (7-7)
8) JJ Lannister: 52-74 (6-8)
9) Dunk: 51-75 (7-7)
10) Mcbigski: 48-78 (5-9)

The playoffs set up like this:
Race (1) - bye
Jaxom (2) - bye
Mudguard (3) vs Dunk (6)
Jace (4) vs Whiskeyjack (5)

Among the teams who missed the playoffs, Jaime is safe with the highest power ranking.  The other teams are eliminated (theoretically, depending on how the other leagues play out):
Boiled Leather
JJ Lannister

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5 hours ago, Whiskeyjack said:

Hope you make it.  :cheers:

My Dynasty team has been the class of the league for two years now, so I'm sure I'll lose in the Semis again. Keeper is pure comedy, that team is trash. A and C will be interesting.

Not gonna lie, if I do make it I'll probably immediately get bounced considering this format is a lot more complicated.

Busted out of my money league though. If only I scored four more points. Being third in scoring and losing hurts.

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