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Westeros Experts League 2022

Jaime L

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Week 4 Power Rankings

1) Lord Dracarys - 28-8
2) Jaime L - 27-9

3t) Dunknegg - 23-13
3t) Fuentez - 23-13
5) Whiskeyjack - 16-20

6) Mya Stone - 15-21
7) JJ Lannister - 14-22
8) Jace, Balissa - 13-23
9) RaceBannon -11-25

10) boiled leather - 10-26

A massive amount of tightening in the power rankings this week in super low scoring FFL week. We had clear trends the first few weeks that reversed in week 4. Looks like Jace ain't out of this thing yet. 

Also Dunk beat me so he and Drac remain the two undefeateds this week. We also now have 5 1-3 teams which only ups the tension for playoff spots and Jaxoming.  

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5 hours ago, Jaime L said:

 Looks like Jace ain't out of this thing yet. 


We're on to Valyria.

Meanwhile, I need a QB this week and I'm looking for a RB. I've got a number of WRs available. Hit me up, folks. Pick this corpse clean before I'm mathematically eliminated.

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Week 5 Power Rankings

1) Lord Dracarys - 37-8
2) Jaime L - 33-12

3) Dunknegg - 27-18 
4) Fuentez - 25-20
5) Whiskeyjack - 24-21 
6) RaceBannon -18-27
7) JJ Lannister - 17-28

8t) Mya Stone - 15-30
8t) boiled leather - 15-30

10) Jace, Balissa - 14-31

Drac wins the battle battle of undefeateds and goes to 5-0 with another monster score while Dunk falls to 4-1. I was an 85% favorite over WJ at one point Sunday but that was before Aaron Jones destroyed worlds in the afternoon games. 

It's still early but this year is shaping up to have a particularly intense Jaxoming race. Only 3 power rankings win separate being the first one out and being safe.  

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If this travesty of a prime time event should go as expected I may yet find victory and be alive in this campaign. Football Zeus, hear me! I will batter Sunspear to the ground if it costs me forty-thousand Will Dissley achilles tendons!

It is in your name, great father, that I eat these chicken wings!!!

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7 hours ago, Jace, Basilissa said:

I can't believe how every time I turn down a trade for a guy he gets injured the next time he plays.

Except Austin Hooper who is now godly, while OJ Howard has become the worst person in America named OJ. 

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1 minute ago, JJ Lannister said:

What a brutal beat this week. Helped with power rankings but I really needed that win. Well played WJ.

Thanks man, you too.

Thought I was dead, but Conner + Henry saved me in the Sunday night game.

Always brutal when a top 2 scoring team takes the loss. 

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Week 6 Power Rankings

1) Lord Dracarys - 44-10
2) Jaime L - 35-19

3) Dunknegg - 33-21
3t) Whiskeyjack - 33-21
5) Fuentez - 26-28
6) JJ Lannister - 25-29
7) RaceBannon - 23-31

8) boiled leather - 18-36
9) Jace, Balissa - 18-36
10) Mya Stone - 15-39

As noted above JJ wins hardest luck loser of the week but there's always the consolation of power rankings in this league. The Fuller trade ended up backfiring for WJ as he dropped 3 TDs in his lineup while 2 bench WRs combined for 5 TDs but still put up a massive score for the week, got the win and has climbed to the upper tier in power rankings.

Drac remains undefeated with another big score. He and Dunk have now distanced themselves from the rest of the league record wise. 7 teams are now 3-3 or 2-4 so as always it's shaping up to be a thin line between the playoffs and Jaxoming. 


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Week 7 Power Rankings

1) Lord Dracarys - 47-16
2) Whiskeyjack - 41-22
3) Jaime L - 36-27

4) Dunknegg - 35-28
5) JJ Lannister - 31-32
6) RaceBannon - 30-33
7) Fuentez - 26-37
8) Mya Stone - 24-39 
9) Jace, Balissa - 23-40

10) boiled leather - 22-41

Big time tightening in the power rankings this week. The bottom teams grabbed almost all the top spots in the power rankings this week while Drac finally suffered his first loss, Dunk lost as well and my slide has now reached 4 games with a Mahomes injury on top of it. This league is getting awfully hard to predict week to week so I'm not even gonna try. 

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Week 8 Power Rankings

1) Lord Dracarys - 48-24
1t) Whiskeyjack - 48-24
3) Dunknegg - 44-28 
4) Jaime L - 39-33
5) RaceBannon - 38-34

6) JJ Lannister - 37-35
7t) Jace, Balissa - 27-45

7t) boiled leather - 27-45
9t) Fuentez - 26-46
9t) Mya Stone - 26-46

WJ and Race remain very hot. Fuentez and I remain very cold. The league itself remains preternaturally averse to any kind of close matchups or late drama. 

Jace, Fuentez and Mya are officially now on the Jaxoming bubble but there's still time left for any to get hot and save themselves. 

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Week 9 Power Rankings

1) Lord Dracarys - 56-25
2) Dunknegg - 51-30 
3) Whiskeyjack - 49-32
4) RaceBannon - 47-34

5) JJ Lannister - 43-38
6) Jaime L - 41-40 
7t) boiled leather - 31-50
7t) Fuentez - 31-50
9) Jace, Balissa - 30-51

10) Mya Stone - 26-55

Race remains on fire and is now just about in the upper tier. I remain colder than Antartica and it's reaching the point that I need to be concerned that I'll be able to stick in this league. 

We have a 2 game gap between the top 6 (Drac, Dunk, Race, WJ, JJ, BL) and the bottom 4 (me, Jace, Fuentez, Mya). One of the bottom 4 could get hot and still make the playoffs but very likely the playoff tier and the Jaxoming tier look to be solidifying. 

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Week 10 Power Rankings/Record

1) Lord Dracarys - 61-29 (7-3)
2) Whiskeyjack - 57-33 (6-4)
3) Dunknegg - 52-38 (7-3)
4) RaceBannon - 51-39 (6-4)

5t) JJ Lannister - 50-40 (6-4)
5t) Jaime L - 50-40 (4-6) 
7) boiled leather - 37-53 (6-4)
8t) Fuentez - 33-57 (2-8)
8t) Jace, Balissa - 33-57 (4-6)

10) Mya Stone - 26-64 (2-8) 

Alright we're through week 10 which means in Experts the pre-playoffs begin. Experts is unusually orderly this season. The 6 teams in line for the playoffs still are up 2 games over me and Jace. Of the 4 teams out of the playoffs, after a big week I have a 17 game power ranking edge over the bottom three. Stranger things have happened but that's incredibly difficult  to make up in 3 weeks. If things hold we know our 6 playoff teams already and we know the 3 who will be Jaxomed (Mya, Jace and Fuentez in that order). 

The only likely potential drama from a Jaxoming standpoint arises if I'm able to catch BL in the standings. In that scenario, Jace or Fuentez could both very reasonably catch him in power rankings and save themselves. For Mya, it's looking like that's likely a bridge too far at this point unfortunately. 

Jace plays BL in week 13 so she maybe can help her own cause but will need some help beforehand for that to be a potential loser leaves town match. BL faces WJ and JJ the next two weeks so not an easy schedule so not ready to pencil in his playoff appearance just yet. But a win this week over WJ will go a long way to solidifying his positioning. 

Race, JJ or WJ could still end the season on a 3 game losing streak and miss the playoffs but all look to be safe from a Jaxoming standpoint regardless. 

Outside of that a bye or maybe two is still up for grabs depending on how Drac/Dunk finish vs. the 4 6-4 teams. 



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