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Westeros Experts League 2022

Jaime L

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20 hours ago, mcbigski said:

What time next Monday?  Assuming 9 or 10 eastern.  Havent seen an invite yet on Yahoo.

Generally think we set these at 8 EST/5 PST Monday September 7th unless that's too early for someone on the West Coast.

@mcbigski, @Jaxom 1974 please either post or PM me your email so I can invite you. 

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Think that went well.

QB - D.Prescott, M.Stafford (D.Haskins)
RB - D.Cook, M.Sanders, K.Drake (T.Coleman, J.Robinson, D.Williams, J.Kelley, A.Mattison, B.Scott)
WR - D.Moore, T.McLaurin, A.Green, D.Johnson (P.Williams, B.Edwards, N.Harry)
TE - T.Hockenson, C.Herndon
K - H.Butker
DEF - Philadelphia, Tennessee

Feel like I'm very strong at both QB and RB.  And happy with Moore, Terry, Diontae, and my bench at WR.  Also like Green and wanted to make a bet on him somewhere this year, but was probably aiming a bit higher at WR3.

Draft would have been even better if Mcbigski didn't save his last reserve of money for Antonio Gibson.  At that point, he was sitting there with an $8 max, I had a $7 max, and next highest was Jace at $4 max.  I had two guys way above everyone else on my list - Gibson and Diontae.  Mcbigski had 2 roster spots left, so my hope was he'd blow them on some okay but not great players.  If he did, I could have gotten both guys for $4 each.  But he threw down a $7 on Gibson unfortunately, so I just ended up with one.

Anyway, feel very content with this team and don't think I need to make any moves right now.  That said, I'm over-invested in both Sanders and Drake at RB across my 4 leagues.  So I'm open to moving one or both for comparable RB values (or making it into a bigger trade involving more players).

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When I got down to 5 roster spots and 20 bucks or so, I penciled in Cam, DJax, Tarik, Gibson, Jarwin and B Hill.  Got stuck holding the bag with Gurley, thought he'd go for at least one more to someone else as RBs were still going pretty rich at that point. So getting Hill and Jackson through for 1 each was nice.  Basically slammed the 7 or 8 button on Cam too to lock it up.  Figured I'd still get Jarwin for 2 so could muscle you out of Gibson.

I do have a QB to spare, if the price is right.  Looking at you Nat.  Or I just stream from my bench. 

Feel gross that so far in two auctions I ended up with Bell in both.  I'm sure he'll be fine once he gets away from Gase.  Between Montgomery and Gibson I should be OK in a few weeks there regardless.

My first impression is that Experts ain't all that!


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QBs:Lamar Jackson, Derek Carr (Jared Goff, Nick Foles, Ryan Fitzpatrick)

RBs: Alvin Kamara, Marlon Mack, Malcolm Brown (Matt Brieda)

WRs: Davante Adams, Adam Thielen, Will Fuller V, T.Y. Hilton (Dontrelle Inman, Michael Pittman Jr, Christian Kirk, Kenny Stills, Marvin Jones Jr.)

TEs: Darren Waller, O.J. Howard

K: Matt Prater

DEF: Baltimore, Tampa


So I went for big hitters this time, contrary to my normal inclinations. I definitely need a RB upgrade and am willing to move a QB for it 'cause I'm pretty thin everywhere. Should be interesting. Shame I couldn't get Cam, but I couldn't see guys like Waller and Carr go for pennies.

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QB: Mahomes, Brady, Trubiskey

RB: CEH, D. Johnson, Akers, White, Thompson, Peterson, Armstead 

WR: M. Brown, Parker, Edelman, Cooks, Sanders, Shepherd, Hardman, Campbell.

TE: Kelce, Gronk.

K: Fairbairn 

DEF: Cincy, Detroit, Houston


Spent too much on CEH early. Cost me at RB3. The plan was to stock up on low cost receivers which I did, but I missed out on my primary target when I thought I had him and got distracted. Damn kids. 

Willing to deal everyone but Mahomes if the price is right. 

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QB: D. Watson, P. Rivers  
RB: A. Jones, J. Conner, C. Carson (Heins, Cohen, McCoy)
WR: O. Beckham, M. Evans, L. Shenault, H. Ruggs (R. Anderson, J. Jefferson, C. Samuel, H. Renfrow, A. Jeffery)

TE: N. Fant, Z. Ertz (T. Eifert)
DEF: Pitt, LAC, GB

I mucked up my own strategy, but the roster is generally OK except for not drafting a third QB which may bite me later. Mostly I shouldn't have bid  on Evans because I let that mess up everything after that and I could have snagged better value based on what happened in the draft. Well, the starters at least are good, but the roster doesn't have a ton of depth past that. Few potential breakouts/sleepers, which is always nice. Definitely not my best draft, but also not quite my worst draft either.

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After you all stand in the wracked ruin of my victory on Tuesday I want y'all to know that some of my EXPERTly picked WR talent is quite available for trade. Admittedly I want for RBs. When you are prepared, prostrate yourselves at my feet and be graced with the fruit of my foresight.

Alternatively if all of my guys suck remember that we're all friends here and you want to have mercy on me.

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