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Gender relations in Westeros

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1 hour ago, Lord Varys said:

That is a short-sighted view. Cersei did kill Robert and she prepared for the aftermath. Littlefinger and Varys certainly tried (and did, up to a point) play Cersei in this, but she is the one in charge. She butchered the Starks and set herself up as the Queen Regent and she made her father the new Hand. That was all her doing.


How can that be a short sighted view... when we know that's literally what happened??

She kills Robert, let's put the fact that the assasination attempt was more sheer dumb luck than anything else,  because Ned can't let her innocent kids to die by Rober's rage, had it not been for that mercy, Robert would've returned from the hunt, Ned would've spilled the beans and Cersei and Jaime woud've been long dead.

She butchers the Starks and set herself us Queen Regent, because both Sansa and LF tell her about Ned's plans and hand over the Golden Cloacks to her, had LF backed Ned instead, Stannis would sit on the IT regardless of what Cersei had planned.

For all the talk about how incompentent Ned is in KL,  he only losses due to bad luck and betrayal, not because he was outsmarted bu Cersei, Cersei didn't have a clue about Ned's knowledge?? No prob, Ned himself tells her all she needs to know,  Cersei didn't have a clue about Ned's plans and the support he might have?? No prob, Sansa and LF fill the void for her, Cersei didn't have the manpower to seize the Throne?? No prob, LF gives her the Golden Cloacks.

Absolutely everyone would look competent in that setting but if not, tell me had Sansa and LF done nothing to help her, what wereCeresi's plans for the aftermath and how would they work with Ned having the full support of the Golden Cloacks and succesfully having both evacuate his daughters and summoning Stannis??



1 hour ago, Lord Varys said:

Nah, the pyromancers know what they are doing. They used exactly the right amount of wildfire and destributed it in the right way through the Tower of the Hand to ensure that only it would burn down - sort of like modern demolition experts destroy buildings without blowing up/burning down entire towns or cities.

Whatever risk there was that all the Red Keep would burn would be very minor, or else they wouldn't have done it. Cersei didn't want to burn herself or Tommen.

They knew what they were doing when Cersei asked the wildfire to counter Stannis in ACOK??



1 hour ago, Lord Varys said:

Cersei kills those children of Robert she can get her hands on because she knows Stannis saw them and would parade them around as 'proof' that her children were not Robert's after he had taken the Iron Throne. Cersei had plans to get Tommen out of the city - Stannis taking the throne would not necessarily have decided the war, just as Rhaenyra taking the Iron Throne didn't end the Dance.


Stannis didn't have a clue about Barra,  in fact only Ned and Petyr know about them and it's not the first time Cersei wants to kill or harm one of Robert's bastards, which was the reason Robert never brought Mya to court. A babe almost no one knows about is not a threat to anyone.



1 hour ago, Lord Varys said:

Plausible deniability? What for? Cersei is not responsible to an electorate or a parliament or any other authority but her own.

It is quite clear that she abhorred by the hints Qyburn gives her about the fate of Senelle and Falyse. She does not enjoy this, and this makes her obviously different from the monsters who actually enjoy stuff like that.

Cersei allows Qyburn do shit she knws is horrible but Cersei not knowing or being abhorrent about Qyburns doing means she is not responsible for them.

She does not enjoy that and yet she continues to allow it and not once tells Qyburn to end it.

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