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Anthony Appleyard

Meanings of Valyrian names?

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I have been comparing High Valyrian names with the High Valyrian to English dictionary.


I found:

Daenerys :: dāez [daːɛ̯z] dāerior : adj. II free.

Jaehaerys ::  jaehio [ˈɟaɛ̯hi͡o] : n. 3lun goddess (female deity) ( < jaeh- + -io.)

Aegon :: āegion [ˈaːɛ̯gi͡on] :  n. 3ter. iron [7]


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Tolkien languages may have had some initial influence on GRRM's designs. 

dae = shadow

nerys = white lady

daen = corpse

erys/eris = strife

nissa = lady

aeg = fell, terrible, dire, sharp, pointed, piercing

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