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U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

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So the GOP's defense of Trump today is: None of these witnesses spoke directly to President Trump, so this hearing is a farce!

Also their defense: None of the President's inner-circle who spoke directly to him should testify before the House because this hearing is a farce!

The sad thing is I think they are going to get away with it again. They've sold their souls to stack the courts.


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22 minutes ago, DMC said:

It's quite interesting that the Trump/the House GOP has designated Jordan the hatchet man for the public hearings - even moving him to the intelligence committee so he can do so - considering the new allegations about his knowledge of the Ohio State wrestling abuse scandal.

It seems clear to me that the Republicans are going to throw Sondland under the bus, because Sondland is going to say Trump told him that both the aid and the meeting were contingent on an investigation being publicly announced.

After they do that, I think Sondland show announce he's funding an investigation into the Ohio State wrestling abuse scandal, particularly with regard to who knew what and when they knew it.

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