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U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

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1 hour ago, Ormond said:

You can't reliably diagnose Alzheimer's just from cognitive tests. All you can say is someone has dementia, with the specific cause of that dementia not specified.

And I would be surprised if you can get many credentialed psychologists who are actually experts on dementia to say Trump has it. I haven't seen any good evidence myself -- most of his cognitive errors seem to me to be just the sort of things an extreme narcissist under stress would come up with, not the sort of errors someone with dementia makes.

none of that matters.  what does matter is that a great many people (voters) already believe or suspect Trump is mentally impaired.  If the goal is to remove Trump regardless of cost, then an attack add declaring Trump mentally incompetent would be a valid, if distasteful approach.  It puts Trump in a bind from which he cannot easily escape.  Furthermore, if the accusations prove true - then does it constitute slander?  


Another thing that keeps cropping up in the comments is speculation this gives Trump an 'honorable' means to escape impeachment - resign on grounds of health.  (for medical, not mental reasons)

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1 hour ago, Fragile Bird said:

Question - why was the election held now? I thought elections were supposed to be on Election Day, but there were other elections recently as well. 

There's no set election day for any given state's state elections.  Particularly when it comes to the five states - KY, LA, MS, NJ, and VA - who have "off-year" elections, which means their gubernatorial and state legislative elections fall on odd years rather than the standard presidential/midterm cycles.  In Louisiana's case, they have a "jungle primary," wherein if no one gets 50+1% of the vote, the top two candidates participate in a runoff election.  The jungle primary was on October 12, this was the runoff.  In 2015, the jungle primary was on October 24 while the runoff was on November 21.  Why around these dates for Louisiana?  Fuck if I know.

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