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Just got back from a Q&A with Ben Aaronovitch. He comes off in person as I expected him to be - a rapid talker with a quick wit and a sense of fun. His research for The October Man included learning about Feuerkartoffeln from German Twitter, eating Schnitzel and being impressed by Deutsche Bahn. 

Upcoming novellas include a PG Wodehouse-influenced story about Nightingale in 1920s America, and Abigail visiting Paris (accompanied by one stowaway fox), plus another Tobias Winter book. 

I think often at these events it feels as if the challenge is to ask a somewhat-relevant question that the author hasn't already answered a million times before - someone almost managed it tonight with "Do you speak to foxes?" 

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7 hours ago, dog-days said:

Just got back from a Q&A with Ben Aaronovitch.

That sounds so nice! He is probably one of the few authors I have not seen in person who I would like to see.  Thanks for sharing the information.  Very much looking forward to reading all of those should they hopefully get written.  Getting ready to start the newest one tonight.

I read the latest book in Anne Bishop's Other's series, Crowbones, which came out last month.  It was very much 'Rural' Fantasy, set in the same small town and with the same characters from 2 books ago, Lake Silence.  I had been a bit on the fence about Lake Silence when I first read it but after Crowbones, I went back and reread it and liked it a bit better than before.  I still prefer the original 5 Others books but do enjoy the concept of expanding out into other cities and communities in this alternate Earth in which humans are not the dominant species.  My only criticism is the humans are a bit too good or too bad, there is very little shades of grey in between.  Obviously there are always people who are going to think they can get away with things but there are too many just plain bad and stupid humans.  I'd like to see some more human controlled cities, further away from the Others, and then humans from there having to grasp with the situation after the Others have carried out their more recent human extinction exercise.  Never the less still enjoying this world and will continue to read any further books in the series.

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On 11/14/2021 at 3:13 PM, El Kabong said:

Gladstone has more craft books planned, don't know when he plans on writing them though.

Oh and while I'm in here, anyone have thoughts on the October Daye(I think I spelled that right) series? The opinions on goodreads on that one are...wildly different.

(I need to go back and read this thread it seems)

I’d rate the October Daye series as amongst the better UF series out there. Good writing, good characters and a strong underlying arc. 

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