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Have GOT Bantam 1st's Autographed I would like to sell..

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Hello everyone -  I tried to see if there was a post for this allready or to see if it was ok to post this here but was not sure so please let me know if I am in the wrong doing this here :

I have signed Bantam 1st editions of the first 3 books of Game of Thrones and the primer for Feast of Crows.  I know these are not incredibly rare compared to the lettered/numbered books by small presses that are out there so did not add this to that post but just wondering if this is the place to potentially sell these.  I made an account on here just to try and sell these to a collector who would like to add them to their collection.  They are in very good shape and I have a bunch of pictures I can link to if this is ok if anyone is interested.  

Thank you very much and please let me know if I am breaking the rules!

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I would say to add a link to your photos. Make sure you show copyright page, dust jacket (with price), pics of the boards and page edge, to show all over condition.

Also, there has been a George RR Martin Rarities FB group just created that you could join.

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