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Renly invaded westernlands

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What if Renly instead of marching on kings landing instead invaded the westernlands because he wanted to capture westernlands before he captured kings landing?

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If Robb with 6k was able to destroy one Lannister army at Oxcross, capture several castles, seize gold mines, steal cattle, and raid the coast without oposition...

With an army as big as Renly was, he will do whatever he wants... even CR will fall.

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Renly's army is alot more cumbersome than a smaller all-cavalry force and also eats a great deal more. So it could be that Renly could have crushed the Lannister power base but get some other problems. Namely that while Renly is storming castles and losing men in the West, including a potentially drawn out siege of the Rock and Lannisport with all the risk that's entails, King's Landing would be safe and Renly would be calling himself king but not sitting on the Iron Throne for a very long time.

It seems to me that the Lannisters have staked themselves to the claim on the Iron Throne so only by disloging them will they seize hostilities. And while Renly is in the West, the Lannisters could presumably cause some problem in the Reach and Stormlands and further strenghten the defenses of the capital to potentially force another long and bloody siege for Renly.

Now I don't think that it would have been a stupid idea to go for the West. But I do think that Renly will not only need to beat the Lannisters but also the King in the North and the King of the Iron Islands and so a quick resolution, as opposed to a drawn out conflict, may have been more preferentia from a political standpoint in regards to the Baratheon succession. And if he can return the West to his side without added hostilities from that region's nobility, things might also be better in the long run.

And besides, Renly has such strength that he can reasonably assume that in a direct confrontation he is close to unbeatable and thus forcing a direct confrontation with his enemies would likely work in his advantage while a more drawn out conflict of indecisive fights would be to his enemies' benefit.


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