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Dragon chest girth

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What do you think is the range of dragon girths at chest?

Meaning, the region of trunk where saddle would be placed?

For example, see horse:


The pictures at bottom depict girth of 76 inches. meaning 193 cm.

For Asian elephant, see


The picture labelled "Chest girth" on picture is c, and seems to depict an average of about 350 cm girth for adult male Asian elephant.

Which is less than twice the size of the horse depicted.

Biggest specifically attested range of dragon sizes was that between Arrax and Vhagar at Storm´s End. 5 times.

Neither were extrema for ridable dragons. Arrax was not the smallest dragon ridden, because Tyraxes bore Joffrey (12 year old) as far as Vale. And Vhagar was not the biggest dragon ridden, because it is agreed that at least Balerion lived longer and grew bigger.

How big do you think was Tyraxes compared to a horse?

How big was Balerion compared to an elephant?

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When I was trying to determine their growth rate, I compared their frames to cats with bat wings. 


The dragons were no larger than the scrawny cats she had once seen skulking along the walls of Magister Illyrio's estate in Pentos . . .

When first hatched, they might have had a wingspan of 60in with their body being about 6in of that. 

So when Drogon has a 20ft wingspan, his body width might be about 2ft. 

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13 hours ago, Jaak said:


How big was Balerion compared to an elephant?

He was specifically big enough to swallow an elephant whole.

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