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Tywin Manderly

UK Politics: Who Pays the Andyman?

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13 hours ago, Chaircat Meow said:

It is not looking much like Jezzmas ...

YouGov have 42/33 and ComRes have 42/32.

Very grim. 

I can't quite believe myself the Tories will have a 10 point lead in polling day but we will see I suppose. 

Labour might well win, if they had a decent leader.

I've just been reading Adam Wagner's thread on the report submitted to the EHRC by the Jewish Labour Movement.  It really is grim reading.

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2 hours ago, mormont said:

Ah, but it's OK because if you vote for Johnson, you'll get massive increases in public spending and tax cuts at the same moment he splits us from our biggest trading partners and we're running a larger than expected deficit.

No responsible government would go through with Brexit. Johnson's solution is clear: vote for an irresponsible one!


Tories: "Honestly dishonest" or "Resposibly irresponsible"?

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