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Bran Stark will go to the Wall to revive Jon Snow and save Shireen Baratheon

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3 hours ago, Stannis Baratheon* said:

In the Show Jon Has Already Be Resurrected, Which Would Make Him Being Resurrected in the Books Not Only Predictable, But Would Also Ruin the Fear Of Deaths for All of the Other Major Characters, If They Can Just Be Revived by The Lord of Light(Beric Dondarrion Is Not A Major Character, And Catelyn Is A Completely Different Type Of Character, Personality-Wise Now, Whereas Jon Would Just Have the Same Personality, and Be the Same Character If He Is Revived) If Jon Get's Revived, That Would Make the Story More Predictable, Which Is Probably Why It Won't Happen In A Winds Of Winter. (Side Note, Ned Stark Could Also Be Revived If They Stitch His Head Back to his Body as Well, So That Could Also Happen, Since the Lord of Light Apparently Is Resurrecting MAJOR Characters Like Catelyn And Possibly Jon Snow!)

Why does every word begin with a capital letter? 

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