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Infobox sigils for Meereen noble houses

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Since each Meereenese noble houses wears certain colors to distinguish themselves in the same manners Westerosi houses use sigils and sellsword companies employ banners, I think we need the same for the Meereen houses whose colors have been pointed out, not just the Harpy.

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* Naqquan: Green and black

* Pahl: Pink and white

* Rhazdar: Yellow and green

* Yherizan: Black

The Qaggazs of Yunkai are associated with gold and yellow, and the Loraqs of Meereen seem to be associated with several shades of purple (purple, violet, lilac, indigo and burgundy). Marroon could be the color for the Reznaks but that's not confirmed.

That's not a lot information but it is a start.

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On 1/11/2020 at 7:57 PM, Gonzalo said:

What do you think should be their minibanners shaped like? 

If we are going to create banners for Ghiscari heraldry, we have to choose the most appropriate shape to their culture. To me that shape is the triangle (for their pyramids). Also for the Houses associated with two colors, I would put one color on top of the other rather than one next to the other, that way the heraldry reflects the different levels of their pyramid.

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