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NFL Playoffs: Hindsight Is 20/20 For Bad Coaching Decisions

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1 hour ago, Fez said:

At least there's risk of the Patriots winning (right? right? there's no obscure rule that they can replace the Chiefs, right?), so it will be a less stressful watch.

On January 24th, the entire Chiefs team comes down with a rare, highly contagious disease that is guaranteed to make any patient (no matter how fit) completely bedridden for at least two weeks. Desperate to have somebody play the Owl (it's by far their biggest media event of the year), the NFL scours the various rules and guidelines for something to do in this situation and discovers an obscure, never invoked provision from the late 1960s with hierarchy of alternatives depending on various conditions. The alternative at the top of that hierarchy is last year's champion (the only condition on it is that it wasn't already one of the two teams in the Owl).

Despite relaxing for most of the past month and some players already undergoing off-season medical treatment, the Patriots are able to get back together in time and play well enough to only be down by 4 points when they get the ball back with just under two minutes to play. Brady leads what appears to be a successful comeback drive down the field until he is strip sacked... but the play is nullified because Dee Ford has (once again) lined up half a yard offside and the Patriots score a touchdown to win their seventh Owl just as time expires. :)

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1 hour ago, Triskele said:

SF is so good in every facet of the game, and Shannahan haters look really wrong right now.  What they were doing today looked like Chip Kelly's Oregon teams at their best where it was like like genius schemes but more running than passing where they were just gutting defenses on the ground but not even eating clock doing it like a Tennessee with Henry approach.  

Kyle Shanahan is an elite coach. He was doing high level shit with the Texans and Matt Schaub 12 years ago and then RG3 8 years ago and then Matt Ryan's MVP season 4 years ago. He got so much shit for blowing that 28-3 lead against the Pats, but lost in the discussion is that he put up 28 points to begin with. Offense did their job, defense didn't. 

I'm happy to see him as head coach in the Superbowl with that killer zone-blocking running attack he learned from his dad with a strong throwback to the Terrell Davis Broncos teams from 20 years ago.

It doesn't always happen but every now and then the NFL coaching meritocracy asserts itself. Andy Reid is a great coach and so is Kyle Shanahan. Whoever wins this SB, it's a great story. Either Andy Reid overcomes 20 years of playoff misery or Kyle Shanahan takes his rightful place among the best coaches in the game. I don't have a prediction. Mahomes is elite and so is the entire 49ers roster. But these were clearly the two best teams in the championship games and I'm glad both showed it today. 

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