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Anthony Appleyard

Where were ths kings in Westeros crowned before Aegon I came?

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King Aegon I was crowned hastily on Dragonstone, then later formally properly at Oldtown, under the Faith of the Seven; his family living before that a century or so on Dragonstone was likely for long enough for them to drop the Valyrian gods and adopt the gods of Westeros. It seems that Oldtown was the headquarters of the Faith of the Seven. But where were the kings of the old separate seven (or earlier, many more) kingdoms crowned?: likelier, each inside or in front of his home castle, given the hazards and difficulties of long-distance travel (without dragons to fly on safely high above the heads of robbers and suchlike). Was Aegon I the first king in Westeros to go to Oldtown to be crowned?

To me it seems likely that the old Stark Kings of The North were crowned in front of a heart tree.

In the North, mammoths, if available and domesticatable, may have played a part in royal parades, as with elephants in real-world Indian kingdoms.

Before Aegon I came, the Sons of the Warrior would have been needed to protect Faith property and personnel from local rulers and warring groups.


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