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Who are the Pre Valyrians/Proto valyrians ?

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There's a theory that The Great Empire of the Dawn were the first dragon riders. In a dream Dany sees a line of kings with eyes described as some of the gemstone emperors and her own eyes have been described as amethyst as in the Amethyst Empress. There is also the presence of fused black stone, which is created using dragonflame, constructions that existed long before Valyria such as the base of the Hightower in Oldtown but for this discussion focus on the Five Forts said to have been built by the Pearl Emperor to keep the demons of the Lion of Night out, which sounds similar to the Wall. Also in FfC Sam discovers in a book that dragonsteel is effective against the Others and both he and Jon think it might be Valyrian steel.

There's also a belief among some that dragons came from Shadow lands by Asshai. Dragons are known to favor volcanoes and obsidian is found in large quantities in Asshai, suggesting that the Mountains of the Morn are volcanic. The main river is called Ash, perhaps referring to volcanoes.

Some go further believing that Asshai was the capital of the Empire and was corrupted by the Bloodstone Emperor resulting in its current states. The city is also made of black stone but is described as greasy and oily so it might not be the same as fused stone.

The theory goes that after The Long Night and the end of The GEofD, the remaining dragon riders fled to the 14 Flames and established the Valyrian Freehold. 

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