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First Casting Call for House of the Dragon(?) - unverified

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Not sure if this is verified as legitimate yet but here we go:


Today, we at Knight Edge Media have learned that a casting call has gone out for HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. Set 300 years before the events of Robert’s Rebellion it follows siblings Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen rise to power as a dynasty that ruled over all of the Seven Kingdoms.

Aegon Targaryen
20s, Caucasian Male. Married his two sisters VISENYA and RHAENYS. Withdrawn, quiet, pious. Harsh with those who defy him. Riding the dragon Balerion. LEAD

Visenya Targaryen
20s, Caucasian Female. Older sister and wife of King AEGON TARGARYEN. A voluptuous, stern, serious, and unforgiving woman. Riding the dragon Vhagar. LEAD

Rhaenys Targaryen
20s, Caucasian Female. Youngest sister of King AEGON TARGARYEN. Kindhearted, graceful, playful, curious, impulsive, and given to flights of fancy, with a mischievous aspect to her personality. Riding the dragon Meraxes. LEAD


So, not diving straight into the Dance of the Dragons then. Interesting.p, and probably a good idea if they intend to cover that far; there is quite a lot of groundwork to lay for the DotD and no obvious starting point for that where a TV show coukd kick off.

@Ran or @Werthead (sorry, you are both just better at sourcing and verifying than i am) have you heard anything to confirm this call?


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This comes originally from an anonymous post on 4chan, looks like. I would consider it fake, with the site in question being pretty new, not citing its sources, and having no real track record.

Also, it doesn't make much sense that they are putting out plain casting calls, when the norm is to obfuscate with fake names and vaguer descriptions. And with their not airing this before 2022, it seems to me they aren't likely to even be at a casting stage. Finally, it flies in the face of the evidence that points to the events of the Dance as being central, so... 

Yeah, I don't think it's real.

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For several reasons, this is almost certainly complete BS. Most notably, because of the straight-to-series order, the pre-production for the show is going to be a lot longer than normal and casting will not get underway for some considerable time yet.

The site has also reported a bunch of other rumours that seem to come from forums and other unsolicited sources (including a really weird Matrix 4 one).

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If those were actual character descriptions for the show it would mean that they actually took them word for word (for Rhaenys) for George's material - not likely something the writers of a TV show would do.

This is nonsense.

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