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Rank your 2020 TV shows throughout the year

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  1. Dark Season 3
  2. Mrs America
  3. Defending Jacob
  4. La Casa de Papel Season 4
  5. The Good Fight Season 4
  6. Hollywood
  7. Lost in Space Season 2
  8. The English Game
  9. Altered Carbon Season 2
  10. Young Sheldon Season 3
  11. Outlander Season 5
  12. Grey's anatomy Season 16

I binged all three seasons in the past two weeks so I am full of impressions. It tickles my philosophical mind in the most interesting ways. It is so smart, intellectual but never pretentious. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. 

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The Good

The Good Place (NBC)    Final Season (Weekly)

Dark (Netflix)     S1, S2, S3 (binge)

Upload (Prime) S1 (binge)

Star Wars: Clone Wars (Disney +)              S7 (weekly)

Westworld (HBO)             S3 (weekly)

Lost in Space (Netflix)    S2 (binge)

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (SHO)       S1 (Weekly)


The Alright

Snowpiercer (TNT)          S1 (weekly)

I will be Gone in the Dark (HBO) (weekly)

Devs (FX)             S1 (binge)

Hanna (Prime)   S2 (binge)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine         S7 (Weekly)

Stumptown        S1 (weekly)

Beforeigners (Netflix)    S1 (binge)

The Outsider (HBO)         S1 (weekly)


The disappointing

Last Kingdom (Netflix)    S4 (binge)

Avenue 5 (HBO) S1 (weekly)


The started but haven’t bothered to finish

Handmaids Tale (Hulu)  S3 (binge)

The Great (Hulu)              S1 (binge)

Vagrant Queen (SyFy)    S1 (weekly/DVR)


The still watching / not finished              

The Alienist (TNT)            S2 (weekly)

Alone (Hist)        S7 (weekly)

Agents of Shield (ABC)   S7 (weekly)

The 100 (CW)     S6 (weekly)

Perry Mason (HBO)         S1 (weekly)

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4 hours ago, Leofric said:

Dark (Netflix)     S1, S2, S3 (binge)

Alone (Hist)        S7 (weekly)

Dark, haven't watched S3 yet. Current moods won't let me watch something that I need to pay that much attention to.

Alone, I binged seasons 1-6 this year so now watching S7 weekly just feels strange. I can't get myself to let a few episodes build up and binge them, I keep watching it even though I tell myself not to.

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One update:

  1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – when it comes to series finales, this show is in the group that had exceedingly strong finishes. While the 3 arcs were not of the same quality, it was consistently strong on the visual side. Also, an amazing soundtrack.
  2. Kingdom (Korean Netflix show) - a highly entertaining second season. Maybe not as solid as season 1, but still excellent, with several good twists and turns. Interested to see how the story evolves.
  3. Dark - a pretty good final season, but even more convoluted than the preceding seasons. Not 100% neatly tied up, but overall a strong finish.
  4. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - more ups that downs; a lot of fun moments, good endearing moments, interesting plot twists; these characters became very likable as the show progressed. It stuck the landing pretty well.
  5. Westworld – I liked it, mainly thanks to the show producing a interesting world. I continued to like the characters, too, though the plot was at times lackluster.
  6. Altered Carbon – not as good as first season and may be the last. A few choices diminished the characterization of the protagonist. It was still strong on the visuals, and I’m still intrigued about its universe.
  7. The Umbrella Academy - season 2 worked much better for me than season 1. I found most aspects about the show to have been improved. 
  8. The Last Kingdom – I was disappointed in how much it diverged from both books and history. I had too high hopes that this show could be more unique, rather than follow in the path of other shows. Alas, while still mostly fun, it may not be that special anymore.
  9. The Outsider – Had a very strong opening, then meandered somewhat, up until the last couple of episodes, which finished fairly well. Well-acted throughout.
  10. Beforeigners – An enjoyable dark comedy with an interesting premise, if the execution wasn't that strong. Most of the characters were fun.
  11. Homeland – an ok final season, but with some hard to believe and digest plot twists. I’m glad it’s over.
  12. Outlander – While still looking wonderful, the story this season was incredibly slow and boring, and its ending had some poor creative choices, to put it mildly.
  13. Star Trek: Picard - well this should have been better; slow start, strong build up, meh finale. It demands more exploration of the world. Patrick Stewart was strong, but I didn't feel much attachment to the new characters. Maybe that will improve next season. 
  14. Messiah – not bad, but I feel the mystery is better than the eventual answers; the show had a good dance between religious and secular themes, which I liked, but I can see how it could be controversial. (Edit: show's been cancelled)
  15. Locke & Key – an interesting premise, and great visuals; predictable season ending, and in the end not that compelling of a story.
  16. Warrior Nun - wooden dialogue, mediocre acting, generally bad visuals, failure for the cast to actually learn Spanish despite the setting, the occasional good moment, and crap cliffhanger ending. I don't care if it returns.
  17. The Letter for the King - on par with GoT season 8. Stuff happened because of reasons, character development was stunted. I suppose it has the excuse of being YA, but it was still mostly trash. It had the weirdest, slowest magical good v. evil duel I've ever seen, with no explanation whatsoever. 

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Posted (edited)

New additions in red.

1.  Dark (season 3)

2. Harley Quinn (season 1/season 2)

3. The Plot Against America

4. BoJack Horseman (season 6b)

5. What We Do In the Shadows (season 2)

6. The Good Place (season 4b). 

7. Evil (season 1)

8. The Alienist: Angel of Darkness (season 2)

9. Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (season 1)

10. Prodigal Son (season 1)

11. The Witcher (season 1)

12. Agents of SHIELD (season 7)

13. Roswell: New Mexico (season 2)

14. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (season 1)

15. Star Trek: Picard (season 1)

16. Stumptown (season 1)

17. Emergence (season 1)


It's nice that I haven't watched (at least not past the pilot - hi. See), anything I actually disliked.

Currently watching: The 100 - final season (weekly), Babylon Berlin, Perry Mason  The Last Kingdom, The Umbrella Academy (season 1, will continue with season 2), Upload (binge)

Edited by Annara Snow

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New additions in red.


1.  Dark (season 3)- What can I say? One of the most unique TV shows ever. Brilliant, strange, dark (heh), atmospheric, epic, tragic, with such a complex storyline - which confused me quite a few times but always ended up making sense. Many SciFi shows have tackled time travel, with varying degrees of success, but Dark really took the concept to its logical ends and fully explored it as a plot device. Early on, I was still able to guess some of the twists, but the show managed to become more and more surprising and insane, in a good way, without sacrificing its logic or characterizations. And this is how you do a great bittersweet finale. I feel I will rewatch this one many times, because there are so many things you can notice the second and third etc. time.

2. Harley Quinn (season 1/season 2) - This animated R-rated comedy take on the DC universe and Batman's Gotham is one of the funniest  and wittiest shows I've watched in years. The writing, the animation and the voices are all excellent, and all the main characters are somehow incredibly likable. Season 2 has been even better than season 1 - while remaining as funny, it has kept resisting the temptation to end episodes on a joke and instead has let the dramatic moments sink in, too. Unless the finale is a huge disappointment, it deserves the #1 spot.

3. Babylon Berlin (season 3) - This show is incredibly compelling even though it's rather depressing, as it is about the Weimar Republic and all its social, political and economic problems that would lead to Nazis coming to power a few years later. I missed the night club live musical numbers from seasons 1-2, which felt like Cabaret on drugs, but season 3 replaced it with a movie set as the setting for a murder mystery, and n homage to the 1920s German expressionist cinema. I don't know how this show manages to be so deeply rooted in real life history while at times being so weird and almost surreal. The more realistic and darker storyline involving politics continued from season 2 and was just as heartbreaking.

4. The Plot Against America - David Simon's excellent mini-series based on Philip Roth's alternative history novel about a 1940s USA where a pro-Nazi president was elected. It's done in a really believable way, where the plot feels really realistic and as something that could have easily happened (and still could happen), and it's particularly chilling because things get slowly and gradually worse before people even realize they live in a Nazi country, and the story makes this brand of Nazism very recognizably American rather than a copy of German Nazism. 

5. BoJack Horseman (season 6b) - the show could have continued (it was Netfix's decision to end it with season 6, not the creative team's), but if it had to end, this was probably the best possible ending. Still, if they revived it,  I'd be overjoyed. This is one of my all time favorite shows and certainly one of the best and most unique shows in recent years. I don't know where I'd rank season 6 - certainly above seasons 1 and 2 and below seasons 5 and 4. Probably about the same as season 3. 

6. Upload (season 1) - I liked this Greg Daniels comedy much more than I expected. The main characters are very likable, and the show gets a lot of fun out of its premise of an extremely digitalized future including a digital afterlife, which, just, like real life, is very different depending on the purchase power, like an exaggerated version of the current way of life, with all its consumerism and differences between the rich and the poor. It's also one of the comedies with a main plot, and it ended on a cliffhanger that makes me impatient for season 2.

7. What We Do In the Shadows (season 2) - Taika Waititi's and Jermaine Clement's vampire comedy continued to be incredibly funny, and a few of the characters got developed more. Even better than season 1.

8. The Good Place (season 4b) - unlike BoJack, this show really needed to have a definite ending, and it was one planned by the creative team. Not all of season 4 was great, but the finale was amazing. 

9. Evil (season 1) - one of the best new shows this season. Big networks have surprised me by featuring some interesting and original shows like this. I already ranked it on the 2019 list, but the last few episodes aired this season and were all excellent, so the show will probably be even higher on the 2020 list. Unless they screw it up with season 2.

10. The Alienist: Angel of Darkness (season 2) -I really liked season 1 and I love the main characters and the atmosphere, but I liked this season better. There weren't that many surprising twists, but the story was more coherent, and I liked the focus on the main characters and the way the characters and their relationships were developed.

11. Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (season 1) - I'm enjoying so many things about this show - the characters, the setting, the atmosphere, the social and racial issues it tackles. I love it as a period drama/thriller from the 1930s. But I feel that all of it could work as well or better without the supernatural element, specifically the character(s) played by Natalie Dormer. Which means I have a problem with the basic concept of the show. (BTW, the show shouldn't be called Penny Dreadful at all - it has nothing to do with that show except for its creator. City of Angels is good enough as the title.)

12. Prodigal Son (season 1)- Another pleasant network surprise, it followed the semi-serialized format and combined case-of-the-week crime drama with an overall, far more interesting dysfunctional family drama/thriller involving the man character, profiler Malcolm Bright (an amazing Tom Payne)and his serial killer father in jail (also amazing Michael Sheen), the socialite mother and ambitious reporter sister. When the latter would become the focus of the show, it got much better and more exciting, as in the last few episodes and the explosive finale. However, I'm ranking it slightly below Evil because Evil was far more consistently interesting and entertaining, while Prodigal Son spent too much episodes of cases of the week.

13. The Witcher (season 1) - I don't know if it counts since the show was released last year, but it was late last year, so I'm adding it. I wasn't impressed by the first episode, but the show turned out quite enjoyable. It has quite a few flaws, though I wasn't as bothered by the chaotic timeline as most people seemed to. I haven't read the books or played the games (not a gamer!), but most of the stories were interesting, Yennefer is a really memorable character wit ha compelling story, I really like Henry Cavill as Geralt (though I didn't like him as Superman), and I like the fact that - in spite of the misleading Game of Thrones comparisons - the show is a very different brand of epic fantasy: unabashedly sword-and-sorcery without doing the "oh this a political pseudo-period drama for people who don't like fantasy" thing, not grimdark, not male gazey. Season 1 felt like a setup season, but the show has a lot of potential to get much better.

14. Agents of SHIELD (season 7) - The final season of the show was pretty good overall - not quite like the show at its best (as in seasons 3 and 4), but much better than seasons 5 and 6 for sure (I really wasn't impressed by either of those). It was entertaining, but I thought they wasted too many episodes on funny shenanigans, instead of something more substantial, and the main villain was underwhelming, just like in season 6. But the second half got much better, brought back some old characters and plots and gave them closure in a satisfying way, and had a few great episodes. The ending was mostly satisfying and appropriate for the show. Although, in many ways, it didn't really feel like final season as this is a show that could have gone on (and still could go on) if Disney wanted it to.

15. Roswell: New Mexico (season 2) - I liked season 2 better than season 1. I especially the flashbacks interspersed throughout the season, with many revelations about the past, and the ways it affects the characters in the present, and several of the characters had good character development and were much more likable and interesting than in season 1. I like that the show is so openly political, but it may be a bit on the nose a lot of times. The finale was slightly disappointing as the main drama was resolved early on and it spend the rest of the time setting up season 3.

16. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (season 1) - This show turned out to be quite a surprise, as its premise (a woman gains the power to hear other people sing their true feelings in the form of various popular songs) made it seem like a quirky musical comedy, but it turned out to be a warm musical dramedy, with emphasis on drama, that deals with issues including illness and loss of a parent,. In the time of grimdark and grittiness, it is rare to something that's so non-cynical and full of empathy and faith in humanity, and at the same time modern and diverse. Would be higher if it weren't for the love triangle at the center and the way it was developed in the last few episodes (some things rubbed me the wrong way).

17. Star Trek: Picard (season 1) - It is great to see Patrick Stewart back as Picard, and I really liked how the show handled his character and some others well-know Trek characters (particularly Seven of Nine). The new characters were also compelling, particularly Santiago Cabrera's Captain Rios. However, the plot had some issues, especially towards the end, and the finale was predictable in many ways.

18. Stumptown (season 1) - another enjoyable new ABC drama, this one based on a comic book. Gets ranked lower because it was mostly episodic, which is not really my favorite type of show. But it is fun, entertaining, smart, has enjoyable characters, diversity (including very non-stereotypical Native American characters and a great character with Down Syndrome, played without stereotypes that sometimes plague characters like that), Cobie Smolders is always fun to watch. 

19. Emergence (season 1) - another good new SciFi show on a network. Unfortunately, since it's on a big network (ABC) it got cancelled. I guess we can ignore the cliffhanger from the last couple of minutes - and the rest of the finale is a satisfying ending to the show.


Currently watching: The 100 - final season (weekly), Perry Mason  The Last Kingdom, The Umbrella Academy (season 1, will continue with season 2)...

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