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John Suburbs

Sorcery in the Reach?

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Just perusing the World Book the other day and came across these passages:


 . . . it's wealth second only to the gold-rich west; a seat of learning; a center of music, culture, and all the arts, bright and dark; . . . a home to great seafarers, wise and noble kings, and dread sorcerers . . .

The thing is, I can't find any other references to dark arts or dread sorcerers anywhere else, aside from the myths of the early Gardeners (and these are more like magical beings, not sorcerers), and maybe the Mad Maid of recent days. The main practitioners of "dark arts" are people like Bloodraven and Shiera Seastar, who came from the Riverlands and Essos. So why would the Reach have this sinister aspect to its reputation, especially considering it is well known for being the cradle of civilization, chivalry, great knights, beautiful ladies and all other kinds of warm and fuzzy things?

One thought: Prince Peremore was said to consult scholars and sorcerers in his quest for knowledge, which eventually morphed into the Citadel, which right now seems to be governed by men looking to stamp out magic and sorcery in the world. So maybe they've done a little purging of history to downplay its role?


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I suspect that those "dark sorcerers" could be surviving cult worshipping Garth Greenhand. In old times He "needed" blood sacrifices and there are rumors about even human sacrifices. Naturally nowadays if any that kind of cult exists they would have keep very low profile. 

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