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Marry, Bang, Kill


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On 3/23/2020 at 12:09 AM, Eternally_His said:

Power trio edition

 Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon, Jon Arryn

M: Ned

B: Bobby B

K: Jon Arryn

Jeyne Edition

Jeyne Poole, Jeyne Westerling (wife of Robb Stark), Jeyne Westerling (wife of Maegor I)

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21 minutes ago, Eternally_His said:

No longer playing? @Nagini's Neville @Lyanna<3Rhaegar


6 hours ago, Eternally_His said:

Marry: Jeyne Poole
Bang: Jeyne Westerling (M)
Kill: Jeyne Westerling (Sorry, but Sweetie is mine)

Best dad edition

Davos Seaworth, Ned Stark, Wyman Manderly

Yes, sorry just have been busy. 

M: Davos

B: Ned

K: Wyman

3 A's

Arya, Arianne, Asha

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M: Taena - because she seems to be a good plotter for the advancement of her family, and quite good at making Cersei be more reasonable

B: Thoros in the hope he will sentimentally revive me if I die prematurely

K: Serala - _ I had to look her up. She probably did nothing but be a foreigner, for which she died a hideous death, so I would be saving her from that fate, with a quicker death.

Jaime Lannister, Addam Marbrand, Daario Naharis

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