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Littlefinger, whores and dragons.

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What's up with those prostitutes gathering in Dragonpit? 

Littlefinger sure has an eye for money. What can be better, right? Brothels: money and secrets. Or maybe he wants much more. And by more, I don't only mean chaos and power. What if he wants dragons?

So, I have this ideas. Kinda jumbled togheter. Maybe I will make sense of it with some other opinions. 

So the whores are a tool, right, but they also avoid pregnancies. Not good for the business. There are exceptions, sure, but most of the time no babies for them. Maybe a pregnant whore will atract some persons, but a baby is a problem in the end. So, in another words, here are some young girls and women, in an establishment, controled, who will not bring a dragon to life, if by any chance a dragon egg is hidden under the plesure bed.  And since not only Valyrians can hatch and raise a baby dragon, what if, some of this girls can do the same? Or they cannot do it, but they could. But since they are kept in a brothel, and no babies, then no dragon riders and for sure no dragon babies. Think of it like something you know you have, but you don't need it right now, but at least you know is there if necessary, so... You keep it. 

Is it possible that Littlefinger discovered a way to tell if a whore has this sort of genes or not? Because it will be so cool: it started with him as a young boy, in a love triangle, like a valyrian, and it can end with him controlling dragons. He has the whores, all he needs now are some eggs. Or maybe he already has some eggs hidden away. In the Eerie. Since is so impregnable. 

Is been a long time since I read and listened to Asoiaf. And with the show over and nothing else to do, I found myself  watching the history and lore. So, I'm kinda rusty. But that line about the whores in the Dragonpit got me. Hence this post. What do you think about it? Thanks. 

Part two, next day. 

What else is there? Well, septas, Tyrion and mother of dragons.

So, in this history and lore video, right after mentioning the prostitutes in Dragonpit, Daenerys is mentioned. But she is not a whore, right?
But, then again, there is the hole "inspection" for wedding that took place... And the eggs as a wedding gift. 
Now, prostitutes, whores, call them  what you want, but I've just remembered that whore who dressed up like Daenerys, mother of dragons.

And then is Tyrion. He always wanted a dragon, and he frecvented whores.  No babies yet for him or for any of his whores, but, there is his own birth to think about.
 And I guess we can also count the septas as another group of females that are controled. No pregnancies, no babies, no dragons.And there are two  valyrian young women that choosed to be septas. 




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