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What are you listening to 25 - Passing Emergency Love


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Silly little song. Haven't listened to DÄ in a while, so didn't know this track (they released it last year apparently) the lyrics are dark. I'll do a quick on the fly translation


Me At the Beach

Me (as) newborn not too cute, but mama apparently satisfied, me at two how mean I look, my parents already divorced. Me at three, me at four mum and me [are] alone here, me laughing with the birthday cake, coz I simply do not comprehend.

Me with gramps fully healthy, me playing with grandpa's dog. Me with the dog in the flower beds. Me with my ear reattached. Me in the south  sun burn my very first holiday, me at the beach.

Me at school first day. Me with the teacher I like. Me at the board ABC first grades [are] okay. Me visiting the boxing gym, me with a broken nose. Me covered in pimples on my way to my first date. Me with Nina, trousers bulbs, me without Nina heavy sulks. Me smoking pot totally cool, me with Peter party gay. Me at a protest NAZIS OUT Me again at the Hospital.  Me with Highschool diploma in hand, me and my backpack lying at the beach.

Me at college that was quick, 10 semester economics, me with degree the joy is great, me unemployed for year, me filing for the dole, while landlord evicts me. Me unwashed, unshaven, tried everything but nothing worked. Me under a drak bridge, me how I bowing down to reach for fags, me leaning against the wall, me now without frontal teeth, me how I freeze in the winter, suddenly I see it all before me. Me as kid holding mama's hand, me and Nina happy, me at the beach.


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