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Alyn Oakenfist

(Theory) What would have happened after the end

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In Essos after news arrive of Dany's death Yunkai and Astapor take up slaving again and promptly sack Mereen. The unsullied all die on Naath. Jon Snow disappears after going beyond the Wall in the middle of the worst winter in recent memory. The North now independent with no workers, and no food stocks starves. Soon after a popular and noble revolt Sansa Bolton is overthrown and killed. Seeing as Jon is also dead, the North no longer has a Stark and as such they choose a new king among themselves. Arya dies of hunger out at sea. Seeing as Jon is dead the entire Dothraki population commits suicide seeing as they were Dany's bloodriders. In the Reach the nobles go to war against Bronn, and soon overthrow him, and then proceed to proclaim independence. Both Tyrion and Gendry are killed when they go and try to claim their castles, one for being a bastard that doesn't even know how to read or write, and the other for being a kinslayer and a kingslayer. Martyn Lannister becomes the new King of the Rock, while a Stormlord becomes the new Storm King. Without any food, the remaining population of KL rebels and kills Bran. In the following Great council the Iron Throne is officially dissolved. The Crownlands are split between the Stormlands and the kingdom of the Trident. At the end the decisions made at the 4th Great Council were all undone and the Throne disappears. As a result of all the destruction as well as the splitting of the Realm Westeros descends into a dark age of constant war, hunger and poverty. Eventually they are colonized by the Free Cities. Thanks for indulging in my theory, I really felt the need to put this out there just as another way of showing how stupid the ending was.

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