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Cersei strange love for Qyburn

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I could understand over time due to how useful he is she would soften to him but it was right from the start she spoke to him with a kindness and Equalness that she didnt speak to other with and this includes even Jamie.

She spoke in a similar fashion to Tywin but that was more through fear obedience than anything else.

It's strange in those few interactions as early as season 4 i almost forgot she was a total bitch when she spoke with qyburn there was no sarcasm/threats/snobbery whatever you would label it as when she was with anyone else just a very respectful demeanor.

When someone like pycell would offer their help to her, she would take the help then either mock/belittle or threaten them to leave once they had served their purpose she showed none of these qualities with Qyburn when she had no reason to be nice other than a choice.

Thoughts on this ? she wasnt even nice to people that she had to be nice to .... Loras.... Bobby... Ned etc.... people with power that she should be wary of. Yet shows complete respect to someone that in the grand scheme of things is a nobody and somone she could treat like shit and still get him to be as useful... she is the Queen mother afterall.

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